Nichols College News

Freshmen Get First Day Welcome

Almost 350 Nichols freshmen checked in on Saturday, September 1st, and got plenty of assistance and guidance in the process.

“We hope you have a great experience here and get involved in ways that are important to you,” said President Susan Engelkemeyer in an afternoon address in Daniels Auditorium. “I know we are proud to call you each a Nichols student. I hope you feel pride as one of the newest members of the Nichols community. Engelkemeyer also advised the students to get connected to and involved in the community, adding “Whether your primary focus is academics or involvement, whether you come from near or far, we hope you come to love Nichols.”

The earlier part of the day consisted of moving into Residence Halls and getting acquainted at a lunchtime cookout in front of the Daniels Auditorium. Arriving students were met by a team of 30 Residential Advisors, wearing Nichols-green shirts. At tables next to Budleigh Hall and another next to Shamie, the new students picked up picture ID cards and room assignments.

They were also met by a fleet of Bell Hops comprised of students and staff, who had volunteered for the day, and who wore white tee-shirts emblazoned on the back with the slogan, “Have muscles, will help.” And help they did, fanning out to students and parents waiting in front of piles of possessions waiting to be transported.

Besides wheeling the luggage in bins, the volunteers also gave students a tour of their rooms. “We let them know that they could move the furniture around the room,” explained upperclassman Katarina Floridia. Sophomore and residential assistant Justine Lavac added that the new arrivals made a good first impression. “They’re pretty nice,” she observed.