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CJM Students Follow Costa Rica Trip in New Course

Ten Criminal Justice Management students who ventured to Costa Rica over the holiday intercession are extending their experience through a new course focused on the Costa Rican culture and justice system.

The course, entitled Crime, Culture, and Consequences and taught by CJM Professor Boyd Brown and Department Chair Kimberly Charbonneau, explores Costa Rica’s criminal justice system and compares it to that of the United States. At the same time, students will focus on how the respective cultures of the two countries enter into their treatment of crime.

The two professors and ten students in the course are picking up where they left off in San Jose, Costa Rica, which they visited from January 5th through 12th. The trip included stops at that country’s Superior Court, a prison, and a law firm. The Nichols students—who are among the top performers in the CJM program and had to have a 3.0 in order to travel to Costa Rica—also took Spanish for law enforcement.

“It was a fantastic trip for studying justice from a global perspective,” says Charbonneau, adding that the journey went beyond the boundaries of the Costa Rican legal system—and gave the CJM class a view of a different world.

Besides taking a walking tour of San Jose, students spent time in a rain forest, the La Paz waterfall, the Manuel Antonio national park, and the still active Poas volcano. The class also visited the National Museum, which specializes in Costa Rica’s history and culture.