Nichols College President Search.

There are many wonderful opportunities ahead as the Nichols College campus community gets ready to celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2015.

After 12 years of leadership, Nichols sixth president, Dr. Debra Townsley, left in July 2010 to assume the presidency at Peace College, and it became the responsibility of the Board of Trustees to appoint the next president.

The Board's immediate goal was to ensure that the College continued to be true to its mission of developing tomorrow’s leaders through a dynamic, career-focused business education. To this end, the Board appointed Gerald Fels '66, D.B.A. (Hon.) '07 interim president on July 1st and left the day-to-day operations in his most-capable hands.

John H. McClutchy Jr. ’72, Nichols current board chair, says of Fels: “Jerry is the ideal choice for Nichols during this transition. As past chair of the board, he led Nichols during its financial turnaround and gained a deep knowledge and understanding of the College’s operations. Nichols has benefited from his considerable financial leadership and management expertise and has become a stronger, more secure institution because of it. Plus, Jerry has a genuine affection for Nichols and an interest in its future which is evident in the generous and dedicated support he and his wife Marilyn have shown over the years.”

Second, the Board named a President Search Committee which includes five current trustees, the interim president (also a trustee emeritus), select members of the faculty and alumni, as well as a student representative. The search process, which will be national and international in scope, will include a professional search firm that will be charged with maximizing the recruiting and assessment of the best possible candidates.

As the process begins, the Search Committee will be seeking input from the Nichols community on how to build on past successes and make an informed decision of selecting the next leader.

It is within these pages that the Board of Trustees will update the campus community on new developments in the selection process.