Keeley Cerbo ’24


Killingly, CT

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General Business


Real Estate Management, Communications & Marketing

Eight Questions* with Keeley Cerbo

1. Why did you choose Nichols?

I chose Nichols because I liked the small atmosphere. To me, I felt like it was more beneficial to attend a school where I could get to know my professors and classmates rather than just being a number. Nichols has allowed me to connect with various professors which have helped me immensely throughout my four years. Whether it was offering to help me with assignments or presenting me with different opportunities on campus, I can proudly say that I went to a college where I actually knew my professors and didn’t feel like just some random student. I’ve come to learn that at Nichols, we are a community and move together as one herd.

2. In what extracurricular, leadership or athletics activities are you involved?

I have been involved in the Institute for Women’s Leadership as both a member and an Office Assistant within its work-study program. I have been a member of the Emerging Leaders Program, was the Late Night/Weekend Events Coordinator and am currently the Social Media Manager for the Campus Activities Board. I was Secretary and am now Vice President of P.A.C.T.; was the Secretary and Treasurer for the Bison Gavel Club, and Secretary for the Marketing Club. Also, I have been a Resident Assistant for two years, I was a Peer Mentor for the NEXT Program as a junior, have been a part of the Women in Nichols Mentorship Program for two years, and have recently been accepted into the Nichols Senior Advisory Council. Lastly, academically, I am a part of the Honors Program, the National Society for Leadership and Success, Zeta Alpha Phi, and Delta Mu Delta.

3. Tell us about a favorite assignment or project at Nichols and why it remains memorable.

My favorite project was within my Real World, Real Projects real estate class. We worked on a semester-long project with alumnus Mike Frisbee ’90. We were tasked with locating and researching different properties that he could potentially buy to expand his business. At the end of the semester, we presented our findings to Mike and also presented an overview of this project at the REAL Symposium in the spring. This project remains memorable to me because I haven’t done a project like this before where I had the chance to venture out of the classroom with my classmates and see a real-life example of what we were learning about and researching in class.

4. When and where are you happiest at Nichols?

I have always been happy here at Nichols and have enjoyed my college experience as a whole. However, I would say that I was the happiest my sophomore year. This was the year that I started to get involved on campus and when the campus was in full swing with different events and opportunities. Thinking back, I entered college during the Covid-19 pandemic. There wasn’t much to do on campus so I would just hang out in my room or in the study rooms with my friends. Sophomore year was like a reawakening. I went to almost every event that they had on campus that year and joined various clubs which increased my involvement immensely. I found joy in being involved and being a part of something, especially since I wasn’t on a sports team like many of my classmates. Ever since then, I have enjoyed my experience here more and more, and continue to increase my involvement within this school each year.

5. What are your plans after graduation and how has Nichols prepared you for your career?

After graduation, I plan on getting a full-time position. I will be getting my Massachusetts Real Estate License in January so I am hoping I can do real estate full-time while working on taking classes to get my MBA here within the 4+1 Program. If I do not pursue real estate full-time, I would like a career that has something to do with marketing or communications. Overall, Nichols has given me the knowledge that I need to go out into the business world once I graduate. I have knowledge of communications, marketing and real estate which I know will benefit me in whatever future career I choose.

6. What do you consider your greatest Nichols achievement?

I would say that winning Resident Assistant of the Year was my greatest Nichols achievement. Before becoming an RA, I was an extremely shy individual. Being an RA allowed me to break out of my shell a little bit and to get connected with a number of students on campus. A turning point for me was the success of my RA program “Keeley’s Kookies.” My program brought other students together and signified the community within Remillard Hall. I credit this program as one of the things that allowed me to win this award along with my determination to be a good RA and my willingness to step out of my comfort zone.

7. Describe your Nichols classmates in three words.

Innovative. Persistent. Conscientious.

8. What advice would you give to future Bison?

I would tell future Bison to be involved as much as you can on campus. If you are just sitting in your room all day, you will not enjoy your time here as a whole. When living on such a small campus, you have to make opportunities for yourself and can’t let them come to you. The more involved you are, the better chance you will receive a life-changing opportunity on campus that could impact your college experience for the better.

*Why eight questions? Nichols College is ranked No. 8 nationally among undergraduate business schools for salary potential by Payscale.

Hometown: Barre, MA

Class: '24

Major: Corporate Finance & Investment

Minor: International Business