Innis Acosta Bernazar ’26


Webster, Massachusetts

Class Year:



Business Analytics

Eight Questions* with Innis Acosta Bernazar

1. Why did you choose Nichols?

I selected Nichols for many compelling reasons, the foremost among them being the connections I’ve made with individuals across campus and the network of diverse personalities. Nichols has afforded me numerous distinctive opportunities that, had I chosen a different institution, would have remained beyond my reach.

2. In what extracurricular, leadership or athletics activities are you involved?

I participate in several extracurricular activities, including Club Rugby, the Real Estate Club, and the Entrepreneurial Club. I intend to join additional clubs on campus, such as Men Of Distinction and Student Government Association.

3. Tell us about a favorite assignment or project at Nichols and why it remains memorable.

One of my favorite assignments at Nichols was the final project for Intro to Data Science. The assignment involved creating bots for simple automation, and the skills I acquired continue to benefit me in my everyday life.

4. When and where are you happiest at Nichols?

One of the most fulfilling moments at Nichols is winning a regional championship with our club rugby team. We finished the season undefeated, which added an extra layer of accomplishment to our achievement. The combination of hard work, dedication, and strong teamwork within our club made this victory a standout moment for me.

5. What are your plans after graduation and how has Nichols prepared you for your career?

As a sophomore, I'm strategically planning my college experience. I intend to enroll in a 4+1 program to earn my master’s degree at Nichols. Looking ahead, I plan to secure an internship to gain practical experience and bridge the gap between theory and real-world applications. I'm also focused on building a pathway for my future career and developing my problem-solving skills.

6. What do you consider your greatest Nichols achievement?

Being in the Emerging Leaders Program at Nichols is my greatest achievement. This role will provide essential skills for life beyond college. Leading a team has improved my communication and creates a solid foundation for my future accomplishments.

7. Describe your Nichols classmates in three words.

Considerate, productive, and collaborative.

8. What advice would you give to future Bison?

At Nichols, make the most of opportunities, try new things, and stay open-minded. Seizing chances for growth and embracing diversity will enrich your experience and shape your journey.

*Why eight questions? Nichols College is ranked No. 8 nationally among undergraduate business schools for salary potential by Payscale.

Hometown: Barre, MA

Class: '24

Major: Corporate Finance & Investment

Minor: International Business