Nichols Consulting Group

The Nichols Consulting Group (NCG) turns valuable experience into actionable results by allowing students to network and problem solve with local industry leaders in marketing, accounting, security, and more. Students step out of the classroom and collaborate on real-world business solutions that put every aspect of their education into play.

“Nichols Consulting Group really set me up for getting into the world or marketing and taking everything I’ve seen on paper and apply it strategically. They really allowed me to see that this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Kate Shannon ’19
Marketing & Client Engagement Specialist for Charles Rivers Laboratories

A Consulting Group Backed by Success

Our students collaborate with faculty and business professionals who have years of experience, expertise, and success across a variety of industries. Our community partners get more than just access, they get a well-rounded team that can leverage their skills, passions, and connections to create high-quality solutions for virtually any organization. Our student teams offer a variety of problem-solving opportunities, including digital assistance to develop social media and help with budget forecasting.

Solutions Built for You

Our consultancy programs customize solutions that epitomize the partnership between Nichols and professional organizations. Our students conduct a situation analysis to learn about their partner organization, its operating environment, and the competitive landscape to create an in-depth action plan. This process ensures that local businesses are provided the best possible outcomes. With 25 different academic majors and 4 master’s programs, we have students and faculty from all aspects of business ready to build a solution tailored to the industry.

Nichols Consulting Group