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Swipe and Swab: Meet the crew who's been keeping the Herd safe

You’ve seen them every week for an entire school year, but how well do you know the team that keeps you safe? As the semester winds down, we want to thank this team and others who have helped along the way for their work to keep the herd healthy.

Meet the Team

Florence Kudzal

Hometown: Webster, MA

About Florence: We’re sure you recognize Florence as the first of many friendly faces you see walking into the testing facility, but did you know that Florence worked as a Nursing Home Administrator for 35 years? In fact, she previously owned 5 nursing homes, managing 525 beds and offering a range of services from skilled nursing to hospice care. When she saw the need for nurses to come out of retirement during the pandemic, she left her 15-year retirement to lend a hand. We’re lucky to have her!  

Why Nichols: Florence says that the Nichols students have changed her perception of the typical college student. “These were the most respectful kids you’ll want to meet,” says Florence, “They say, ‘Good Morning Ma’am’ and call me by my name. It makes you feel good.” 

Fun Fact: In her free time, Florence is heavily involved in philanthropic work. She makes first communion vails and masks in schools for girls who have one parent, typically due to Military deployment. Now Florence is dabbling with making a line of bejeweled wedding masks.

Emily Ferguson

Hometown: Putnam, CT

About Emily: Emily’s cheerful spirit and positive attitude is a true delight in the testing facility. She first joined the team in the fall, following in her mother’s footsteps who also worked in the facility. Having experience working in a group home, she’ll continue in the healthcare field after Nichols.

Why Nichols: “Everyone is so nice here,” Emily says. “I can put music on and students will come in dancing.” She says it’s better than a normal testing center because she gets to know and be a part of the community.

Fun Fact: Emily loves dancing to Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride from Lilo & Stitch!

Chris Gilchrest

Hometown: Webster, MA

About Chris: When COVID-19 brought a demand for medical professionals, it was an easy choice for Chris and his CNA experience to join the Nichols COVID-19 testing facility (And we’re so glad he did!). After Nichols, Chris will continue his career in healthcare and we’re confident he has a bright future ahead.

Why Nichols: “The environment,” Chris says. We might even say it feels like home.

Fun Fact: Chris recently went Skydiving on his 30th birthday and loves the show Schitt’s Creek! (Bonus: He wore a David T-shirt when jumping out of the plane).

Jackson Levi Foley

Hometown: Worcester, MA

About Jackson: Everyone knows Jackson, the bubbly personality always on his A-game. Before starting at Nichols, Jackson was in school for health sciences and was on the Massachusetts COVID-19 team. As a CNA, Jackson will continue in the healthcare field and may even go back to school to further his education!

Why Nichols: “The people and the campus,” Jackson says. He loves the friendly nature of the students, staff, and faculty. And he’s all about the views on campus, his favorite being the view from Vendetti Field.

Fun Fact: What doesn’t Jackson do in his free time? He loves to dance, sing, watch Netflix, hike, and hangout with his people.

Dorinda Harper

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

About Dorinda: Dorinda is an experienced healthcare professional, and we were lucky to have her join us! Once living in the Big Apple, Dorinda now resides in Connecticut. After her time at Nichols, Dorinda will be joining UMass as a Medical Assistant.

Why Nichols: “The students are very friendly, the food is good, and the staff is wonderful,” Dorinda says. Her favorite campus foods are the mashed potatoes from Lombard and the shakes from the Fels Cafe!

Fun Fact: When Dorinda isn’t spending time with her two nieces, she loves to travel and shop! She’s done road trips all the way from Florida to New England.