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STUDENT PROFILE: Spenser Molloy, First Time’s the Charm

Spenser Molloy Photo 2 472X472

If Spenser Molloy is being completely honest, he will tell you he wasn’t planning on becoming Student Government Association (SGA) President so soon. In fact, he wasn’t planning on becoming SGA President at all.

Molloy, a junior Corporate Finance & Investments and Economics double major from Grantham, New Hampshire, said he wasn’t interested in running for president when he first got on campus as a freshman. It wasn’t until he “got dragged” to a student government meeting that he realized, “I think I can make a difference.”

After the meeting, Malloy considered running for SGA. He talked with friends about the possibility, as well as with Janet Newman, his academic advisor. Then he made a decision.

“I pitched her this crazy idea that I was going to run for president,” Molloy said of his conversation with Newman.

Crazy because before he’s never done anything like this before. Not in high school, not at Nichols – nowhere.

But in spite of this lack of experience, Molloy won the election for president over the incumbent. And in the process also became the youngest SGA president at Nichols.

Molloy wasn’t sure he was going to be able to pull off the election victory. However, because of the support of his classmates and administrators like Newman, he came out victorious.

And no matter what, Molloy wasn’t afraid of losing. This is something he learned at Nichols.

“I was nervous running because I’ve never done it before. But for some reason in freshman year my professors, my advisors, they instilled in me the fact that what’s the harm in losing?

“There’s a saying... if you fall down you get back up. I knew I might fall down but I wasn’t going to fall down enough that I wouldn’t be able to try it again or give it a go again next year,” Molloy said.

“I mess up every now and again but you take it, you take the blow and you keep going,” he added. “And that was 100 percent one of the best things I’ve ever learned at Nichols.”

In addition to support and motivation, Molloy said Nichols also helped him with his presidential run through courses and experiences at the college.

“Effective speaking was one of the first classes that know what, if I can get through this class I can get through anything,” he said.

And Molloy hopes to take all that he has learned at Nichols and parlay it not only into a successful career in real estate, but into politics on a grander scale.

“Applying all that knowledge into getting into politics, that’s my end goal,” he said.


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