Student Profile: Kristina Murphy, A Continuing Education

September 21, 2020

Going From Education to the Big Leagues

Nichols senior Kristina Murphy, from North Attleboro, Massachusetts, recalls her college search during senior year in high school. “I wanted to go to a smaller school and didn’t want to go too far. On the campus tour, I really liked how they had small class sizes and I realized that this was the place for me,” she said.

Fast forward four years, and the Marketing major and member of the Nichols Honors Program has something considerably larger in view and plans on going far to fulfill her professional ambitions. “Right now, I’m interested in event marketing for a sports organization, preferably on the major league level,” she explained.

To that end Murphy has been learning plenty inside the classroom and beyond, where her major has already proved useful. “Marketing gives you valuable skills for basically anything you do and anywhere you work,” she insisted, adding that she has concentrated on the skills needed in this day and age.

“I didn’t know digital marketing—photoshop, video editing, or social media. They teach you how to use social media platforms,” she noted. “There was a lot to learn and there’s still a lot to learn.”

Along the way, Murphy has achieved a stellar grade point average and landed several internships in her chosen field. Last year she used her newly minted skills doing Web development for the New England region of Swarm, an organization that supports more than 300 youth basketball teams around the country.

Last January and February, Murphy joined a corps of Nichols student volunteers chosen for Super Bowl week in Miami, where they participated in an array of marketing activities focused on fan experiences.

Murphy also points to her three years in the Nichols Emerging Leaders program and its community service component. She has volunteered for the program African Community Education, which provides extracurricular and academic help to middle and high school immigrant refugees.

And for two years Murphy has taken the reins of the Mohegan Bowl bowling tournament in neighboring Webster for Nichols faculty, staff, and students. “It was my first taste of leadership and it went really well. Since I came to college when I see an opportunity, I say that I’ll take it,” Murphy said. “I’ve always been more on the quiet side. And Nichols is really good at telling you to get out there and connect with people.”

Murphy isn’t so quiet in describing her present and future plans. “This semester I am very excited to be a Teacher’s Assistant for a first-year Professional Development Seminar, where I can share my experiences and help these first years navigate college life,” she said. “And after I graduate, I’ll enter the Nichols 4+1 program to obtain my MBA in business administration.”

Beyond that Murphy sees her coming career as a continuing education. “I still plan on learning and growing as a student in the business world,” she concluded.

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