Brooke Packard Builds Success

August 18, 2021

When asked to describe her profession, Brooke Packard ’18 confidently replies, “I sum it up in four words – entrepreneur, investor, realtor and educator.” A teacher by day and an entrepreneur by nights and weekends, Packard started her first business at the age of 18, as a freshman at Nichols College, and aims to reach financial freedom by the age of 30.

Packard, a Dudley native, felt it was important to stay close to family when searching for colleges, so she enrolled at Nichols as a commuter. Her life revolved around academics, women’s basketball, and working. Her path to business started as a convenient and flexible way to accommodate her college schedule, cleaning a few residential houses. Today her business, B.P.’s Easy Living, has over 100 customers and 12 hard-working employees whom she graciously credits for its success and growth. Her mentor has played a critical role in her professional development, “Watching someone who is bigger than you, better than you, more successful than you, opens your eyes to a whole new lifestyle, a whole new world. Then in my case, I told myself, if this person can do it, so can I. Nothing is out of reach.” With the support of her mentor, Packard has continued to grow B.P.’s Easy Living expanding the client roster from residences to a variety of others, including wedding venues, schools and corporate offices. She has also expanded her service offerings to landscape and construction, personal chef and catering, and pet care. Her mission is simple and noble: make life easier for clients, empowering them to live their best life without the added stress.

Packard recently received her Massachusetts and Connecticut real estate licenses, further enhancing her brand and differentiating her sources of revenue. “Real estate is by far my passion,” she shares. “There are so many avenues of this business to explore, selling a client their dream home, owning investment properties, home renovations or even being on HGTV!”

In addition to B.P.’s Easy Living and real estate business, Packard decided to make the most of her newly found time stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic to create another business. One inspired by a class at Nichols. In the Death, Dying, and the Living course, students participated in a deep meditation to access past life memories. Packard remembers experiencing a clear vision of being abducted. This triggered the development of Trifecta Protection, a 3-in-1 safety device containing a knife, repellent spray, and alarm, the only product like it on the market with this level of protection. The business aims to make protection a priority for women and donates 5 percent of its proceeds to the Women’s Self-Defense Association. The brand also launched a podcast, “Real People, Real Stories,” providing a safe platform for victims to tell their stories and raise awareness.

Packard brings her entrepreneurial spirit into the classroom, where she is in her third year as a full-time 7th grade English teacher. “I love education, I adore children, and I enjoy English. It is an important skill to learn, and I instill this in my students,” she says, adding, “With my varied professional interests, I think I’m able to offer my students a unique perspective. I share the importance of relationships, the value of building a network and I encourage them to always be open to all possibilities when it comes to their careers.”

With Packard’s eyes on financial freedom and a schedule filled with business commitments, her truest goal is to be happy and healthy because, in her words, “Without it, you can’t do anything.” She continues, “If I do reach financial freedom, I would still work. As you can tell, I like to stay busy. In the future, I’d like to combine my skills in education and entrepreneurship to provide consulting services for small businesses. I’m also interested in building my investment portfolio to include the purchasing of stocks and cryptocurrency. In my personal life, I hope to have a big family with plenty of time to watch them grow up.”

Reflecting on her time at Nichols, Packard credits a public speaking class with giving her the confidence she has today. “At the time it was awful! I would sweat, and I’d black out and couldn’t even remember what I said, but those lessons and tactics helped me tremendously,” she notes. “Now I can speak in front of anyone and feel very confident. I even make my 7th graders do public speaking assignments. They feel the same way I did, but I tell them, ‘You’ll thank me one day when you are on Shark Tank!’”

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