All Aboard The December Application Express

December 7, 2020

This year has been stressful for everyone, so Nichols College is making it easier with a quicker and simpler application called the December Application Express. Students who apply in December are eligible to complete a trimmed-down application process and a $1,000 bonus grant.

“The December Application Express came from connecting with many students and high schools in our community who presented to us a need for college admissions to feel more flexible, serviceable, and supportive during a very unknown time for high school seniors and their families,” Katelynn Mochun, Director of Admissions at Nichols College, said.

To address these needs the Nichols College Admissions team reduced the length of the admissions essay to just 300 words. They also waived the letters of recommendation requirements for the month of December.

In addition, those who complete their applications can expect a quicker decision since their applications will be moved to the top of the decision list.

“Nichols has always been about removing barriers between students and success. It is the Nichols Way. This is one more small example of that,” Vice President of Enrollment Bill Boffi said.

If accepted, students can also expect a bonus $1,000 grant as part of their financial aid.

“We are doing our part by making it easier to apply to Nichols. The pandemic is now. The benefit of a Nichols education will last a lifetime. We need to help each other get through to the better days ahead,” Boffi said.

To be eligible, students must complete their applications by Dec. 30 2020. You can start your application here. We also accept the Common App.

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