Mauri Pelto

Dr. Pelto has been a professor of environmental science at Nichols and the director of the North Cascades Glacier Climate Project for more than 25 years. In teaching, Dr. Pelto’s goal is for students to obtain an understanding of environmental geologic topics, how they affect the world and our lives, and ways to better manage the environment. As part of his classes, he takes students on numerous field trips to complete consulting work on local rivers.


Dr. Pelto and his research team have recorded the mass balance of numerous glaciers, all of which are retreating due to global warming. This has led to the disappearance of several glaciers and the development of the first model for forecasting glacier survival. He has written many articles and two books on this research in recent years.  His blog, From a Glacier’s Perspective, documents glacier response to climate change, by publishing two articles a week for the American Geophysical Union. A documentary on this research has been featured at science film festivals.

Headshot of Mauri Pelto

Mauri Pelto

Associate Provost and Special Advisor to the President for Accreditation and Assessment