Mauri Pelto

Dr. Pelto has spent four decades monitoring the response of glaciers to climate change, including being in the field every summer since 1981. He is an associate editor for several journals focused on glaciers, water resources and climate change. Since 1983, he has also served as the Director of the North Cascade Glacier Climate Project which measures the mass balance of three reference glaciers of the World Glacier Monitoring Service. He is responsible for writing the chapter on Alpine Glaciers each year in the State of the Climate report for the Bulletin American Meteorological Society. Additionally, Dr. Pelto is a Member of Science Advisory Board for NASA Earth Observatory.


  • B.S., Michigan Technological University
  • M.S., Ph.D., University of Maine


Dr. Pelto and his research team have recorded the mass balance of numerous glaciers, all of which are retreating due to global warming. This has led to the disappearance of several glaciers and the development of the first model for forecasting glacier survival. He has written many articles and two books on this research in recent years.  His blog, From a Glacier’s Perspective, documents glacier response to climate change, by publishing two articles a week for the American Geophysical Union. A documentary on this research has been featured at science film festivals.

You can view his works at the following links:

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Mauri Pelto

Associate Provost and Special Assistant to the President for Accreditation and Assessment

Professor of Environmental Science