Martin Chatterton

Professor Chatterton has more than 20 years of professional business experience in the high-tech industry and manufacturing operations. During that time, he has held such positions as Director of Global Operations, Vice President of Sales, Director of Professional Services, and Sales Engineering.


  • MBA, State University of New York
  • BS, Engineering Management, Clarkson University

Certificates & Licenses

Certificate in Supervisory Management

Courses Taught

  • BUS-615 Business Communication
  • BUS-625 Current Trends in Leadership
  • MBA-715 Operations Management and Cost Control I
  • MBA-750 Problem Solving and Analysis
  • MBA-800 Strategic Management
  • MSOL-710 Change and Innovation Management
  • MSOL-800 Action Research Project
Headshot of Martin Chatterton

Martin Chatterton

Graduate Faculty

Senior Vice President, Arrow Corporation