Karol Gil-Vasquez

In the fall of 2013, Dr. Gil-Vasquez joined the Nichols faculty after earning her PhD in Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. During her doctoral studies, she participated in a number of research projects related to Hispanic immigration and community development. While working at the UMKC-Institute for Human Development, she was part of the research team that designed the 2013 Hispanic Needs Assessment. The 2013 Hispanic Needs Assessment analyzed the living condition of the Hispanic population in the Kansas City urban area. In addition to her community involvement, Dr. Gil-Vasquez has published in peer-reviewed journals. Her master thesis was published as a monograph in 2007.


Dr. Gil-Vasquez enjoys spending time with her family, reading, writing, and exercising. She loves social gatherings and traveling around the world with her husband and daughter Valentina.
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Karol Gil-Vasquez

Keith T. Anderson Associate Professor of Economics 

508-213-2105 Karol.Gil-Vasquez@nichols.edu