International Internships

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An international internship can be an exciting way to get work experience and exposure to another country. And, it can give you an edge in starting your career. Real work experience will help you stand out to recruiters. Combined with the international perspectives that cultural immersion can provide, and your resume will be second to none.

At Nichols, we have the flexibility to tailor-make your internships abroad experience toward your goals. That’s one of the benefits of our close-knit community that’s small on purpose. We’ll do all we can to ensure the best fit possible between the intern and their placement.

Programs and locations

We offer semester-length or 6-week programs that include a combination of coursework and internship, or a standalone, full-time internship. Students earn Nichols credits and Nichols grades. Placements are available in most academic disciplines through established relationships Nichols has with providers or individual organizations.

Locations include a range of destinations in Western and Central Europe, as well as non-English-speaking countries if you have foreign language proficiency. Choosing the right location depends on your goals, and we’ll use our knowledge and global expertise to help.

Planning your internship

Our Center for International Studies is here to customize your internship abroad experience to you. So your first step is to meet with us to so we can discuss your travel goals and professional interests. From there, we’ll hone in on an international region and opportunities that are right for you. Plus, we’ll work with faculty to make sure your trip will help you stay in step with your degree requirements.

Placements are available for the fall or spring semester or summer session. Keep in mind that you’ll need to begin planning a year in advance, and a 3.0 GPA is required. Also, these internships are competitive—meaning they’re awarded to the applicant with the right qualifications. Your abroad internship is also financial aid eligible.

We’ll make it easy—and we’re here to help

From a simple approval process through our Center for International Studies to special advising all along the way, we’re here to help. To find out more, contact us at