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Internship Programs

Nichols College strongly believes in the value of internships and encourages all students to complete at least one during their college experience. Through internships, students are able to apply academic coursework to real world projects and business situations. Internships provide students with opportunities to explore career fields and industries of interest, while simultaneously expanding their professional networks. They enhance resumes and are very beneficial to our graduates, whether they are entering the job market upon graduation or applying to graduate school.

Students in all majors can earn academic credit for internships if they choose to. Six majors – Criminal Justice Management, Hospitality Management, Human Resource Management, Integrated Marketing Communication, International Business, and Sport Management – require students to complete academic internships of varying credits before graduating. Please see program descriptions for specific requirements. To be eligible for academic credit, students must fulfill a minimum of 120 hours per three credit internship, have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or better, and have completed at least 60 hours of classroom instruction. Internships can take place in the fall semester, spring semester, or over the summer. The internship approval process, which takes place online via Road to Success, must be completed prior to the end of add/drop during the semester they are interning. Students who are not required to earn academic credit for internships, and prefer not to, are still encouraged to complete experiential internships. All internships, academic and experiential, need to be reported to the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC). Please email or visit the CPDC for assistance with the internship approval process and any other questions.

The College provides a number of resources to assist students with securing internships. Students, faculty, and staff work together to locate opportunities using their professional networks and web resources. The CPDC hosts a database, Road to Success, which lists hundreds of internship opportunities each semester. Students also have free access to Career Shift, a software tool that allows students to conduct tailored internship searches, access employer contact information, and manage their application process. Each February, the College hosts a Career and Internship Fair for students and alumni, attended by 65+ employers. A number of companies also conduct on campus interviews in the CPDC each semester. Students have the ability to reserve Skype equipped interview rooms as well.

Each intern earning academic credit is required to develop an internship proposal called the “learning contract.” The learning contract specifies the student intern’s learning objectives, work responsibilities, and the academic requirements set forth by the faculty sponsor (reading and research assignments, blogging, portfolios, etc.). The sponsoring company’s responsibilities to the student intern are specified carefully in the learning contract. Please contact the CPDC for more information regarding internships.