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BSBA - General Business

The General Business program is designed to be a highly flexible program for those students seeking a broader exposure to various business disciplines. Students are prepared for rewarding careers as business professionals.

By helping facilitate skills in communications, behavioral sciences, quantitative analysis and environmental dynamics, the general business program provides a well-rounded education for sustained professional and personal growth.

General Education Courses


College Writing:  1 course to be selected from ENGL 105 or
ENGL 212 (Analytical Writing - Honors only course)

COMM 152  Effective Speaking

Critical Writing, Reading & Research:  1 course to be selected from CRIT 201, ENGL 213, ENGL 214, or other courses upon approval

Advanced Writing:  1 course to be selected from ENGL 320,
ENGL 321, ENGL 342, ENGL 345, or ENGL 346

Leadership and Professional Development

ITM           123           Digital Applications (1 credit)

LEAD         101           Learning to Lead

SEM          139           First-Year Professional Development Seminar (1 credit)

SEM          239           Sophomore Professional Development Seminar (1 credit)

SEM          339           Junior Professional Development Seminar
(1 credit)

SEM          439           Senior Professional Development Seminar
(1 credit)

Professional Development:     1 course to be selected from
COMM 204, COMM 311, COMM 313, FIN 201, ITM 202, or LEAD 203

Social and Behavioral Science

1 course to be selected from ECON 221 or ECON 222

1 course to be selected from GDS 216, HIST, INTD, or PSCI

1 course to be selected from COMM 247, COMM 310, ECON, HIST, PSY, or SOC

Humanities and Global Values

Humanities:  2 courses to be selected from Art, Dance, Literature, Music, Philosophy, or Religion (Selections must be from two different disciplines.)

Global Values:  1 course to be selected from COMM 310, ECON 313, ENGL 235, ENGL 237, ENGL 238, ENGL 310, GDS 216, HIST 207, HIST 208, HIST 210, HIST 339, HIST 369, HUM 254, PSCI 324, REL 219, REL 322, SPAN 126, SPAN 127

Math and Applied Science

MATH 215                Statistics

Math:                         1 course to be selected from MATH 117, MATH 122, or MATH 190

Science:                      1 course to be selected from ESCI 233 or
ESCI 243

Math/Science:          1 course to be selected from ECON, ESCI, MATH, or PSY

Business Core

ACCT         238           Financial Accounting

ACCT         240           Managerial Accounting

ECON        221           Principles of Microeconomics or ECON 222 Principles of Macroeconomics

FIN            203           Principles of Finance

ITM           209           Information Management and Analytics

MGMT     227           Leading and Managing Organizations

MKCM     202           Principles of Marketing

LSB            327           Business Law and Ethics

MGMT     365           Operations Management

LEAD         400           Managing Strategic Initiatives

Program Courses


HRM         213           Human Resource Management

And choose two courses from three of the following areas (some courses have required prerequisites):


ACCT         241           Intermediate Accounting I

ACCT         242           Intermediate Accounting II

ACCT         343           Cost Accounting

ACCT         402           Federal Taxes

ACCT         403           Advanced Federal Taxes

Criminal Justice Management

CJM          302           Security Investigations: Concepts, Principles, and Practices

CJM          333           Physical Security: Systems Design, Integration, and Control

CJM          347           Emergency Planning and Disaster Management

CJM          417           Homeland Security / Terrorism


ECON        303           Prices and Market System

ECON        304           Inflation, Employment, and National Income

ECON        305           Labor Economics

ECON        307           Money, Banking, and Economy

ECON        412           International Economics

ECON        415           Urban Economics

HIST          352           American Economic History


EPS            378           Entrepreneurial Management

EPS            385           Business Finance for Entrepreneurs

EPS            386           Sales and Marketing for Entrepreneurs


ACCT         402           Federal Taxes

ECON        307           Money, Banking, and Economy

FIN            325           Corporate Finance

FIN            330           Investments

FIN            432           Financial Planning

Hospitality Management

HSP           341           Casino Management

HSP           351           Resort and Conference Management

HSP           361           Hospitality Facility Operations

HSP           371           Performance Management in the Hospitality Industry

HSP           470           Special Topics in Hospitality

Human Resource Management

HRM         343           Assessment, Staffing and Employment Law

HRM         344           Developing and Motivating Human Potential

HRM         443           Compensation and Benefits

HRM         470           Special Topics in HRM

HRM         481           International Human Resource Management

HRM         490           Internship in HRM

Integrated Marketing Communication

MKCM     312           Managerial Communication

MKCM     316           Mass Media and Public Relations

MKCM     361           Consumer Marketing

MKCM     362           Business Marketing

MKCM     433           Market Research

MKCM     434           International Marketing

MKCM     435           Marketing Communication

MKCM     436           Sales Management

MKCM     470           Special Topics in Integrated Marketing Communication

International Business

IBUS          309           World Economic Geography

IBUS          412           International Economics

IBUS          434           International Marketing

IBUS          444           Advanced Economies and Emerging Markets


MGMT     378           Entrepreneurial Management

MGMT     389           Management of Innovation and Change

MGMT     429           Current Issues in Management

Sport Management

SMGT       352           Sport in Society

SMGT       367           Sport Marketing

SMGT       368           Sport Finance

SMGT       459           Sport Law

SMGT       460           Athletics Administration

SMGT       462           Sport Communications

SMGT       463           Sport Event Management

SMGT       464           Sponsorship and Sales

SMGT       469           Coaching Administration and Management

SMGT       470           Special Topics in Sport Management

Free Electives

16 credit-hours of electives

Total Credits Required:           120

NOTE: All courses are 3 credit-hours unless otherwise noted and may meet only one degree requirement.