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Course Descriptions - Management

MGMT 227 Leading and Managing organizations

MGMT 227 provides an introduction of leading and managing organizations. Leadership is the ethical application of power to influence the decisions and processes of a group. Management is the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling organizational resources. MGMT 227 will explore the interrelation and differences of these two important business concepts as they apply to organizational behavior. Formerly MGMT 226 - Management and Organizational Behavior.

                  3 Hours, 1 Semester


Examines management theory and practice as applied to business activities that cross national boundaries. Emphasis is placed on an understanding of strategic, cultural, behavioral, functional, legal, and socio-ethnical aspects of international management in a global economy with multinational business enterprises.

Prerequisite: EPS 227 or MGMT 227      3 Hours, 1 Semester


The purpose of this course is to introduce students to project management and how the role of project manager can enhance the success of both large and small projects within a business. Students will gain an understanding of the nine different project management knowledge areas and the five process groups: initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing, and apply these as a framework and context for managing information technology projects.

Prerequisite: EPS 227 or MGMT 227      3 Hours, 1 Semester


This course provides a set of Operations Management concepts and tools for your use in managing your organization and in gaining competitive advantage. The course is structured to provide you with practical and relevant applications of these tools.

It recognizes the key role of processes in business and explores the elements which impact these business processes. It is equally suited for either the manufacturing sector or the service sector.

Key elements include operations strategy, process design and improvement and process layout, capacity management, tech­nology, the role of quality and quality systems, and the management of the supply chain, including inventory, forecasting and scheduling.

Prerequisite: EPS 227 or MGMT 227, and ECON 221            
3 Hours, 1 Semester


This course provides fundamental knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship which focus on the process of establishing and successfully operating a new business.

Entrepreneurship is setting up a freestanding new business and accepting the risks of time, effort, and money associated with such a venture. Successful completion of this course will enable the student to craft an initial plan for the start-up of a new business, including a working knowledge of permits, fees and municipal registration requirements and the development of a simple business plan.

Prerequisite: EPS 227 or MGMT 227      3 Hours, 1 Semester


This course focuses on the strategies and tactics for conceiving, developing, initiating and managing innovation and change within an established corporate structure. Topics include attributes of corporate entrepreneurs, bases of creativity and innovation, interpersonal and interdepartmental relationships, promoting innovation and change within the corporate structure, organizational politics, strategic organizational changes, and corporate culture.

Prerequisite: EPS 227 or MGMT 227      3 Hours, 1 Semester


Since management knowledge continues to be augmented by new research findings, conceptualizations, and management experience, this course examines current issues and emerging trends in managerial theory and practice. The course affords the opportunity to study and treat topics not covered in other management major courses, and thus provides, in an ongoing fashion, the necessary program currency. Students are acquainted with the managerial issues of the day and with topics that represent leading edge managerial thinking and practice.

Prerequisite: EPS 227 or MGMT 227, and HRM 213             
3 Hours, 1 Semester


The Management Seminar is the capstone course for a concentration in management. The seminar focuses on the study of management models, managerial ethics, and decision making. In addition, the seminar strives to synthesize certain core concepts and research findings presented in other prescribed management courses completed prior to enrollment in the seminar.

Prerequisite: MGMT 429         3 Hours, 1 Semester