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Course Descriptions - Gender and Diversity Studies

GDS 216 Introduction to Gender and diversity studies

This course introduces students to Gender and Diversity Studies, an interdisciplinary field of academic study. The course surveys contemporary gender issues, focusing on the social construction of race, sexuality, and gender and the relationship of gender to the self, others, and society. Along with the focus on the U.S., the course incorporates international perspectives on gender constructions and experiences. This course aims to connect our academic explorations with our lived experiences.

3 Hours, 1 Semester

GDS 416 Gender and Diversity STUDIES CAPSTONE

The GDS capstone course is an opportunity for students to demonstrate that they have achieved the goals for learning established by the Gender and Diversity Studies program of study. This course will give students the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned across their program-related courses and to share those experiences with others. Student-driven and collaborative in nature, the course utilizes work-shopping and mini team projects as a forum for refining student critical thinking, effective research and reading, interviewing, writing, and ultimately, presenting.

Prerequisite: The course is open to Gender and Diversity Studies minors who have completed 9 credits of course work in the minor or with permission of the instructor.                 3 Hours, 1 Semester