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BA - Communication

A Communication degree prepares students for dynamic careers in a variety of fields, including broadcasting, journalism, social media, public relations, and advertising. According to a recent survey by the American Association of Colleges & Universities, more than 80 percent of employers say that effective written and oral communication skills are among the most important they consider when making hiring decisions. Communication majors are valued because of their ability to use critical and analytical thinking skills in order to build successful relationships and contribute to positive group dynamics. Nichols Communication majors make a difference in the workplace and the world as they emerge from the program with a strong sense of ethics and social responsibility, and the ability to shape decisions in business and society: locally, nationally and globally. Key skills that a Communication student will develop are public speaking, writing, editing, social media, visual media, and publication.

General Education Courses


College Writing:  1 course to be selected from ENGL 105 or
ENGL 212 (Analytical Writing - Honors only course)

COMM 152  Effective Speaking

Critical Writing, Reading & Research: 1  course to be selected from CRIT 201, ENGL 213, ENGL 214, or other courses upon approval

Advanced Writing:  1 course to be selected from ENGL 320,
ENGL 321, ENGL 342, ENGL 345, or ENGL 346

Leadership and Professional Development

ITM           123           Digital Applications (1 credit)

LEAD         101           Learning to Lead

SEM          139           First-Year Professional Development Seminar (1 credit)

SEM          239           Sophomore Professional Development Seminar (1 credit)

SEM          339           Junior Professional Development Seminar
(1 credit)

SEM          439           Senior Professional Development Seminar
(1 credit)

Professional Development:     1 course to be selected from
COMM 204, COMM 311, COMM 313, FIN 201, ITM 202, or LEAD 203

Social and Behavioral Science

1 course to be selected from ECON 221 or ECON 222

1 course to be selected from GDS 216, HIST, INTD, or PSCI

1 course to be selected from COMM 247, COMM 310, ECON, HIST, PSY, or SOC

Humanities and Global Values

Humanities:  2 courses to be selected from Art, Dance, Literature, Music, Philosophy, or Religion (Selections must be from two different disciplines.)

Global Values:  1 course to be selected from COMM 310,
ECON 313, ENGL 235, ENGL 237, ENGL 238, ENGL 310,
GDS 216, HIST 207, HIST 208, HIST 210, HIST 339, HIST 369, HUM 254, PSCI 324, REL 219, REL 322, SPAN 126, SPAN 127

Math and Applied Science

MATH 215                Statistics

Math:                         1 course to be selected from MATH 117, MATH 122, or MATH 190

Science:                      1 course to be selected from ESCI 233 or
ESCI 243

Math/Science:          1 course to be selected from ECON, ESCI, MATH, or PSY

Liberal Arts Core

Interpreting Our Stories

Origins:  1 course to be selected from ENGL 235, ENGL 236,
ENGL 314, HIST 201, HIST 207, HIST 315, HIST 355

Modern to Contemporary:  1 course to be selected from
ENGL 237, ENGL 238, ENGL 315, HIST 202, HIST 208,
HIST 339, HIST 359, HIST 360, HIST 369, or special topics in HIST or PSCI

Examining The Human Condition

2 courses to be selected from HUM 244, Any course 200 or above in PHIL, PSCI, PSY, REL, SOC, or special topics in INTD

Making Connections

LA              400           Liberal Arts Capstone

Major Courses

Required Courses:

COMM     247           Introduction to Communication Studies

COMM     310           Intercultural Communication

COMM     311           Visual Communication

COMM     314           Argument and Persuasion

COMM     480           Communication Capstone

COMM     490           Internship

Elective Courses (four additional courses from those listed below - no more than two can be at the 200 level):

COMM     204           Advanced Business and Professional Communication

COMM     2xx*          Media Literacy

COMM     2xx*          Introduction to Film

COMM     3xx*          Social Media and Society

COMM     470           Special Topics in Communication

COMM     4xx*          Gender and Communication

ENGL        321           Professional Writing

LEAD         203           Leading and Working in Teams

MKCM     316           Mass Media and Public Relations

MKCM     470           Special Topics in Integrated Marketing Communication, upon approval

PSY            308           Psychology of Temperament

*Course under development had not been assigned course numbers at the time of catalog publication. Additional electives are also likely to be added.

Free Electives

22 credit-hours of electives

Total Credits Required:           120

NOTE: All courses are 3 credit-hours unless otherwise noted and may meet only one degree requirement.