Student Life

A Community of Leaders

See how students describe Nichols College in one word.

As Nichols students learn and train for their careers, they also thrive in a tight-knit community. Whether they live on campus or off, our students enjoy activities that express who they are and what they love to do.

Check out the Nichols Bison and our 20 varsity sports teams. See if the student organization you want to join exists. If it doesn’t, we can’t wait for you to help create it.

With all that goes on here, it can be tempting to stay on campus 24/7. But Nichols is just twenty minutes south of Worcester, a historic college town, and one of America’s top ten small cities to live in, according to Forbes Magazine. We’re also within an hour’s drive of Boston and Providence.

Campus life is a key part of how our students grow into confident leaders. It’s also all kinds of fun.