Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is there to do on the weekends?

    There are tons of things to do on weekends. You're in college!

  • How many students live on campus?

    82% of our total population resides on campus.

  • What percentages of graduates receive jobs upon graduation?

    93% of Nichols class of 2014 were employed or in graduate school six months after graduation.

  • Are work study jobs available on campus?

    Yes, there are work study jobs on campus.

  • What is the cost of attendance?

    The fall 2013 cost for tuition, room and meals is approximately $43,820.

  • What is the student to faculty ratio?

    The student to faculty ratio is about 17 to 1.

  • What division are your sports?

    All of our men’s and women’s varsity sports are NCAA Division III.

  • Can freshmen have a car on campus?

    Yes, all students (even freshman) are allowed to have their cars on campus.                                                   

  • How many students attend Nichols?

    Approximately 1,200 undergraduates attend Nichols.