Jenn Townsend

As an Admission Counselor and Assistant Field Hockey Coach at Nichols, every day I look forward to helping students form the relationships that will help them accomplish so much in four short years. Because that’s one of the things Nichols does best. I know from firsthand experience, since I’m also a graduate of Nichols College.

When I was Nichols student, the College’s close-knit community helped me explore outside my comfort zone and succeed. I had a ready network of professors, coaches and peers who helped me find new opportunities and get myself out there. I was a varsity field hockey player, women’s ice hockey manager, call center specialist, and sport management club member. And I owe it all to their support.

Now as an Admissions Counselor and Coach here, I enjoy seeing the students I’ve helped go on to discover what they’re capable of, just like I did. So if you have any questions, just contact me. I’m always ready to talk about how Nichols can help you step out on your own path—and define your career.

Hobbies & Activities

You can find me on the beach on most warm, sunny days. I also love to travel! Of all the places I’ve traveled to so far, Maui and Argentina are my favorites. I’ve always been an athlete, and I love to play field hockey and ice hockey.

  • Favorite music artist: I listen to all genres, and I love too many artists to single out just one
  • Favorite TV show: The Bachelor
  • Favorite book: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  • Fun fact about me: Whenever I see a dog, I have to stop and pet it! I’m obsessed with dogs; I have a dog named Shelby who is part Husky, part German Shepherd and part wolf.