Certificate in Entrepreneurship

As part of our experiential, career-focused education, Nichols College offers a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. This program is designed to enable students with an interest in entrepreneurship to pursue their chosen undergraduate academic program at the same time as earning the certificate.

Students will have the opportunity to be mentored by successful business owners and consultants, as well as create and develop their own business proposal. Best of all, students can complete the program regardless of their major. It’s a jump start for any student hoping to join a family business or start their own.

Courses & Requirements

The certificate requires 12 credits of coursework, consisting of four three-credit courses. Depending on the student’s concentration, up to two courses may double-count in the academic program as well as the certificate program. Students are strongly encouraged to take EPS 227 as the prerequisite for these courses, but MGMT 227 will also suffice.

The final capstone course—Entrepreneurship Action Research Project—gives students several options to round out their experience. Students can shadow a business professional in an entrepreneurial environment or create their own business, receiving faculty support and expertise along the way.

Required Courses

EPS 227 Management and Organizational Behavior for Entrepreneurs

This course will address the challenges of entrepreneurship within the context of the managerial process and organizational dynamics. Successful completion of this course will provide students with a basic understanding of the role of an entrepreneur as a leader and a manager and the tools for successfully managing the human resource side of a start-up company.

EPS 378 Entrepreneurial Management

This course provides fundamental knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship which focus on the process of establishing and successfully operating a new business. Entrepreneurship is setting up a freestanding new business and accepting the risks of time, effort, and money associated with such a venture. Successful completion of this course will enable the student to craft an initial plan for the start-up of a new business, including a working knowledge of permits, fees and municipal registration requirements and the development of a simple business plan.

Prerequisites: EPS-227, and MGMT-226.

EPS 385 Business Finance for Entrepreneurs

The emphasis of this course is on the acquisition and management of entrepreneurial capital and funding and on the development and management of the fundamental accounting skills and tools and systems for small business owners. Successful completion of this course would enable the student to identify and apply for funding and to set up and operate the business and accounting systems necessary for the successful control of their business.

Prerequisite: FIN-203.

EPS 386 Sales and Marketing for Entrepreneurs

The emphasis of this course is on the development and management of successful entrepreneurial selling and marketing skills, ecommerce, and effective communication skills and tools for entrepreneurs. Successful completion of this course would enable the student to create and execute a successful marketing plan for the introduction of their business to the marketplace, including the virtual marketplace and would provide the student with the fundamental business communication tools and skill sets necessary for the operation of their company.

Prerequisite: MKTG-202.

EPS 480 Entrepreneurship Action Research Project

This capstone course will be oriented towards providing students with a capstone experience option of choosing either a semester research project approach, a “shadowing” opportunity in an entrepreneurial environment or a practicum which encourages a student-driven business start-up initiative.

Prerequisites: EPS-385, and EPS-386.


Certificate in Entrepreneurship offers no elective courses.


  • Jennifer Fleury

    Jennifer Fleury
    Assistant Professor of Business and Technology