No Longer Part of Current Curriculum

The following courses are still being taught over several upcoming semesters, but are being phased out of the new curriculum:

ACCT        239      Financial Accounting Lab

EDUC       255      English Language Learners

EDUC       310     
Methods and Materials in Middle School and Secondary Education

EDUC       320     
Curriculum Design and Assessment in an Age of Multicultural Education

EDUC       321      Communication and Technology in the Classroom

EDUC       470      Special Topics in Education

EDUC       476      Independent Study in Education

EDUC       488      Practicum in Middle School Education

EDUC       490      Practicum in Secondary Education

ENGL       323      Writing Academically

ENGL       412     
Reading Acquisition in Children’s and Young
Adult Literature

HIST         118      Introduction to History

HRM        305      Labor Economics

ITM          309      Principles of Information Systems

MGMT    226      Management and Organizational Behavior

MGMT    485      Strategic Management

PSCI         315      Business, Government, and Regulation

PSY           275      Educational Psychology

SEM         115      Current Issues Symposium

SOC          145      American Corrections

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Catalog of Nichols College
July 2016