Minors in Business

Minors are available in the following areas. A student pursuing a minor must complete four courses in an area from those listed below and earn a 2.0 or above in the subject area. Minor courses may satisfy free elective requirements only. A student must have on file a Declaration of Minor form, available online and in the Registrar’s Office.


ACCT         241           Intermediate Accounting I

ACCT         242           Intermediate Accounting II

                                    and two from

ACCT         343           Cost Accounting

ACCT         402           Federal Taxes

ACCT         403           Advanced Federal Taxes

Criminal Justice Management

CJM          209           Crime, Justice and Society

CJM          210           Criminal Law and Procedure

                                    and two from

CJM          302           Security Investigations

CJM          333           Physical Security

CJM          347           Emergency Planning

CJM          417           Homeland Security/Terrorism


ECON        303           Prices and the Market System


ECON        304           Inflation, Employment and National Income


ECON                          3 Economics electives


ACCT         402           Federal Taxes

ECON        307           Money, Banking and the Economy

FIN            325           Corporate Finance

FIN            330           Investments

FIN            432           Financial Planning

Hospitality Management

HSP           211           Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

                                    and three from (2 of which must be HSP courses)

HSP           341           Casino Management

HSP           351           Resort and Conference Management

HSP           361           Hospitality Facility Operations

HSP           371           Performance Management in the Hospitality Industry

One HSP  300/400  Hospitality Elective

HSP           470           Special Topics in Hospitality

HSP           490           Internship in Hospitality Management

MKTG       361           Consumer Marketing

SMGT       367           Sport Marketing

SMGT       470           Special Topics in Sport Management
(if Hospitality related)

Human Resource Management

HRM         213           Human Resource Management

                                    and two from

HRM         343           Assessment and Staffing

HRM         344           Developing and Motivating Human Potential

HRM         443           Compensation and Benefits

HRM         470           Special Topics in Human Resource Management

HRM         481           International Human Resource Management

HRM         490           Internship in Human Resource Management

                                    and one additional course from above or from the list below

COMM     310           Intercultural Communications

ECON        305           Labor Economics

IBUS          287           International Management

MGMT     389           Management of Innovation and Change

MKCM     312           Managerial Communications

PSY            342           Group Dynamics

PSY            372           Counseling Psychology

Integrated Marketing Communication

MKCM     361           Consumer Marketing

                                    and three from the list below (at least one must be 400-level)

COMM     310           Intercultural Communication

COMM     311           Visual Communication

MKCM     312           Managerial Communication

MKCM     316           Mass Media and Public Relations

MKCM     362           Business Marketing

MKCM     3xx            Social Media Strategy

MKCM     433           Marketing Research

MKCM     434           International Marketing

MKCM     435           Marketing Communication

MKCM     436           Sales Management

MKCM     470           Special Topics in Integrated Marketing Communication

MKCM     490           Internship in Integrated Marketing Communication

International Business

IBUS          287           International Management

IBUS          309           World Economic Geography

IBUS          412           International Economics

IBUS          434           International Marketing

IBUS          444           Advanced Economies and Emerging Markets

IBUS          470           Selected Topics in International Business


HRM         213           Human Resource Management

MGMT     287           International Management

MGMT     378           Entrepreneurial Management

MGMT     389           Management of Innovation and Change

MGMT     429           Current Issues in Management

MGMT     482           Management Seminar

Sport Management

SMGT       251           Introduction to Sport Management

                                    and three from

SMGT       297           Sport Practicum

SMGT       352           Sport in Society

SMGT       367           Sport Marketing

SMGT       368           Sport Finance

SMGT       459           Sport Law

SMGT       460           Athletics Administration

SMGT       462           Sport Communications

SMGT       463           Sport Event Management

SMGT       464           Sponsorship and Sales

SMGT       469           Coaching Administration and Management

SMGT       470           Special Topics in Sport Management

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