Liberal Arts Minor

Students completing a BSBA have the option of completing the twelve-credit Liberal Arts Minor. The Liberal Arts Minor allows business students great flexibility and facilitates exploration in the liberal arts. Course offerings include topics in English, History, Humanities and the Social Sciences. By broadening the idea of a minor beyond that of a single discipline, the Liberal Arts Minor will encourage an interdisciplinary approach to education.

Liberal Arts

(for students pursuing a Business concentration only)

Interpreting Our Stories

Origins, 1 from:        ENGL 235, ENGL 236, ENGL 314, HIST 201, HIST 207, HIST 315, HIST 355

Modern to Contemporary, 1 from:         ENGL 237, ENGL 238,
ENGL 315, HIST 202, HIST 208, HIST 339, HIST 359,
HIST 360, HIST 369; special topics in HIST and PSCI

Examining The Human Condition

2 from: HUM 244, Any course 200 or above in PHIL, PSCI, REL, SOC, or Special topics in INTD

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