Course Descriptions - Political Science


An examination of methods and concepts in the study of political science with special emphasis on American government and politics. Designed to offer an understanding of our own political system and how it works.

3 Hours, 1 Semester

PSCI 324 Comparative Politics

This course provides an introduction to the field of comparative politics, the study of places other than the United States. We will analyze in-depth studies of political processes from nations all around the world to investigate debates at the heart of political science, economics, history and other fields within the Liberal Arts and Business core: Why are politicians responsive to the needs of citizens in some countries but not in others? Why do people vote on ethnic lines in some places but not others? Why do some states guarantee social protection for their citizens whereas others leave it in the hands of the market? How do political institutions and social factors shape the provision of public goods? What role do property rights play in transitions to democracy and to market economies? Discussions include topics on governance and accountability, political economy, political culture, identity politics, social cleavages, citizenship, and democratic institutions. 

Prerequisite: ENGL 105 or ENGL 212 and 30 credits of coursework; or ENGL 105 or ENGL 212 and CRIT 201
                                                                                         3 Hours, 1 Semester

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