Information Technology

The technology you need. The support that backs it up.

In today’s workplace, technology is a given. At Nichols, you’ll have it. We decided years ago that giving our students access to technology on campus was part of our job. That’s why we were one of the first colleges to offer computers and software to all our students.

We back it up with technical assistance and training. Technical support is available by email, online and even in-person. In your first year at Nichols, you’ll also attend a computer applications class to familiarize yourself with computer applications and gain technological knowledge.

Tech Support

Computer won’t compute? Software being quirky? Can’t get your email to send and receive? Online and in-person help is available from Nichols IT, located on the bottom floor of Conant Library.

Residence Hall Services

The IT Department also provides support for the following technologies in residence halls:

PC Purchase Plan

Every year, Nichols IT staff researches and selects the best value computers on the market, with the specific needs and interests of our students in mind. Then we create a partnership that allows students to purchase online directly from the manufacturer at an affordable price. Students may choose from several laptop and desktop models identified by our on-campus technology experts, and customize their systems to meet their needs.


We know what applications are required for classes and make sure they’re available. You can purchase a Nichols-licensed copy of Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access and Outlook) for a small fee at the Nichols College Bookstore.

Wireless Hotspots

Wireless Internet access is available in key areas across the campus:

Nichols Email

As a student, you’ll have a Nichols email account set up on Microsoft Exchange Server. Every student’s email address is For example, John Adam Smith’s email address would be