Stephanie Jones, PHD

Dr Jones has authored over 25 full-length internationally-published books on business and management. She teaches MBA and other Masters’ degree students around the world, especially courses on culture, leadership, and change management. With a background managing businesses in human resources, recruitment, consulting, and training operations in the UK, Hong Kong, China, India, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, Dr Jones gained extensive experience in the corporate sector as a consultant and trainer before returning to academe a decade ago. She teaches on MSM’s outreach courses in China, Vietnam, Egypt, Peru, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and in other locations – and for Nichols College students visiting Maastricht, and on their online courses in the U.S.


  • PhD from University College London
  • Bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics

Certificates & Licenses

  • Auditor in Quality Management
  • Certificate in Tertiary Teaching of the Netherlands

Courses Taught

BUS-620 Cultural Awareness in Global Business
Headshot of Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones, PHD

Graduate Faculty

Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior Maastricht School of Management