Our Twenty-Fourth Field Season

Director: Mauri S. Pelto
Nichols College, Dudley, MA 01571

Day: 508-213-2168 
Night 508-835-2727
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Dear Glacier gurus,  Below is our field schedule.   Quin Ourada from Oregon State University, Tom Hammond from the University of Washington and Ben Pelto, will be joining me in the field this summer for the entire field season.  Melissa Park of Western Washington University and Maria-Coryell Martin an expedition artist will be joining for us for much of the field season.  This winter was wet, but warm too, the result was average snowpack at lower elevations and it appears probably above average snowpack at higher altitudes.  At right is April 1 SWE at five USDA Snotel stations including 2007 (Fish Lake, Lyman Lake, Miners Ridge, Rainy Pass and Stevens Pass).

July 30: Arrive hike into Blanca Lake.

Jul.  31: Columbia Glacier Survey

Aug.  1: Columbia Glacier Survey

Aug.  2: Descend from Columbia.  Hike into Easton Glacier

Aug.  3: Easton Glacier Survey.

Aug.  4: Easton Glacier Survey

Aug.  5: Hike Out. Hike in Rainbow Glacier

Aug.  6: Sholes  Glacier  Survey

Aug.  7: Rainbow Glacier Survey

Aug. 8: Hike out Hike in Lower Curtis Glacier

Aug. 9: Lower Curtis Glacier Survey

Aug. 10: ? Glacier Survey

Aug. 11: Hike in- Ice Worm Glacier Survey

Aug. 12: Lynch and Daniels Glacier Survey

Aug. 13: Hike out

Aug. 14 Home



Breakfast before the morning commute.