LOWER CURTIS GLACIER CHANGES THROUGH TIME:  Lower Curtis Glacier fills a spectacular cirque on the south side of Mount Shuskan. From Lake Ann all but the 1967 image illustrate the changes in the glacier.  It is fed from above by avalanches off of the Upper Curtis Glacier and the walls of Shuksan.  The glacier retreated into the cirque by the 1930's.  In 1950 the glacier began to advance, down the steep slope below the cirque lip.  The advance ended in 1986, and retreat has resumed.  The glacier has retreated 184 meters from its 1986 position and 600 meters from its 1908 position.

Lower Curtis Glacier in 1908 (Asahel Curtis).  the glacier flowed out of the cirque and down into the valley below. Lower Curtis Glacier in 1967 and 1971(USGS)
Lower Curtis Glacier in 1986 at its maximum recent advance. Lower Curtis Glacier in
Lower Curtis Glacier in 1999 Lower Curtis Glacier terminus in 2003
Lower Curtis Glacier in 2005 contrast to the 1988 image at right.
Crevassing is reduced and the glacier has thinned both laterally as well as retreated. At right in profile in 2004 with recently deglaticated terrain in front of the glacier.

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