Competency Based Education

Competency Based Education (CBE) is a revolutionary approach to self-guided learning for adult professionals like you who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table but need a degree to move up.

How Does CBE Work?

Every session, you’ll select up to two courses to start. You’ll access the learning materials, collaborate with professors, and complete assignments to demonstrate your competence in each subject. As soon as you’re done, whether you finish in the first week of the session or the last, you can begin the next class on your path to degree completion. This flexible system allows students to adjust their course load from session to session depending on their personal schedule.

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Who is CBE Right For?

If you’re a motivated, self-starter looking to complete your degree quickly, CBE could be right for you.

A Path to Success

If you have prior college credits, we can help you chart a course to your bachelor’s. Students with 70 credits could graduate in as little as on year. Our very first CBE graduate, Terrance O’Kane, completed 60 credits in just 12 months! Because CBE is self-paced and uses online course materials with no set deadlines, you have the freedom to choose when to put the pedal down and when to take a break or coast. CBE students can take up to two classes at the same time, so as soon as you demonstrate competency in one subject, you earn credit for it and can move on to another course.

Annual Pricing

Learning with Competency Based Education is different, so the tuition is different too. CBE tuition is paid as an annual subscription that gives you access to as many classes as you can fit into the year. At just $6000 per year, you start saving money as soon as you’ve completed 3 classes! Financial aid and payment plans are available to help with cost, contact to learn more.

Could CBE Help You Complete Your Degree?

Let’s have a conversation about your options. Call or email CBE Director Amanda White today, or apply now! Check out the CBE calendar to find out when you can start.