1. No. 20 200 Years of Stories - Umoja

    Amahl Williams, Class of 2002, remembers Professor Brian McCoy starting a group called Umoja on campus to promote discussions about diversity and unity.
  2. No. 19 200 Years of Stories - Another Family of Bison

    Sean Flavin, Class of 2009; Danielle Flavin, Class of 2010; and Ryan Flavin, Class of 2013; reminisce about why each of them chose to come to Nichols College.
  3. No. 18 Life on The Hill

    Kristin Mason-Paszkewicz, Class of 2007, shares her memories of life on The Hill, getting involved in student activities and becoming a leader on campus.
  4. No. 17 200 Years of Stories

    Danielle Flavin, Class of 2010, shares a story she heard from another alum about girlfriends visiting campus.
  5. No. 16 200 Years of Stories

    Tom Cafaro, former Vice President of Marketing and International Partnerships, shares the story of the first Nichols College racquetball team and how they won a national championship in their first

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  6. No. 15 Life on The Hill

    Professor Marcia Behrens, Class of 1978, MBA 1989, reflects on growing up on campus, becoming one of the first women to attend Nichols and what the Nichols College Community means to her.
  7. No. 14 Life on The Hill

    President Engelkemeyer's memories of her first visit to campus and reflections on her time on The Hill.
  8. No. 13 Lessons from an old poster

    Lessons from an Old Poster from Dr. Edward Warren, Dean of Academic Affairs (1980-1997), Professor of History and Government (1973-2014)
  9. No. 12 Life on The Hill

    Nicole Crawford Rodriguez, Class of 2002 and Eddie Rodriguez, Class of 2000 share their memories of Life on the Hill.
  10. No. 11 Life on The Hill

    Reflections from Dr. Edward Warren, Dean of Academic Affairs (1980-1997), Professor of History and Government (1973-2014)

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