1. No. 30 Life on the Hill - Ed Warren

    A few words from Edward G. Warren, PhD, Dean of Academic Affairs (1980-1997) and Professor of History and Government (1973-2014). Dr. Warren reminds us that as we have evolved and grown, we have

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  2. No. 29 200 Years of Stories - Home of the Bison

    Ryan Flavin, Class of 2013, shares a fun memory of the time President Engelkemeyer and a group of students visited a local Bison Farm.
  3. No. 28 Life on the Hill: Luanne Westerling

    Luanne Westerling, Associate Dean of Business, discusses the changes she has seen since she joined us here on The Hill in 2005. She also talks about her bittersweet feelings on Commencement days. She

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  4. No. 27 Life on the Hill: Jason Sweet,Class of 2004

    Jason Sweet, Class of 2004, was a member of the Football and Men's Lacrosse teams. He remembers athletics as a source of camaraderie on campus. Jason talks about his experiences being involved on

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  5. No. 26 200 Years of Stories - Bison Pride

    Charlie Robert, Director of Athletics, discusses the role of Athletics at Nichols and how the programs have grown. The success of our teams can be felt all over campus. It's an energy of success

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  6. No. 25 Life on the Hill: Kim and Chris McCarthy, Class of 1992

    Kim and Chris remember their time on The Hill and their experience as RAs and being involved in clubs on campus. Chris talks about feeling at home on campus and appreciating the real-world experience

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  7. No. 24 Life on the Hill: Rev. K. Dexter Cheney, Class of 1964

    Rev. Cheney was a student in the Forestry program during the early 1960s. He discusses the program majors and interactive learning environment provided here at Nichols. He also reminisces about the

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  8. No. 23 Life on the Hill - Christina Palmerino, Class of 2008

    Christina remembers balancing athletics, academics, and a social life. She talks about the support she received from friends, faculty, and staff. Christina also remembers the special events on campus

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  9. No. 22 200 Years of Stories - A Family of Bison

    Robert Hoey, Class of 1984 / MBA 2001, talks about how all three of his children chose to become Bison.
  10. No. 21 200 Years of Stories - MaryLynn's 1000th Point

    MaryLynn Skarzenski, Class of 2009, remembers her experience of scoring her 1000th point in basketball and celebrating with her team.

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