Meet the Tele-Counselors

Who are the Nichols Tele-Counselors

We are a group of current Nichols College students who work with the Undergraduate Admissions Office. We are here to answer prospective students’ questions and share our college experiences. Our team represents an array of backgrounds, majors, and campus activities with a common goal of providing prospective students with a current student’s view of what our campus has to offer. Our hope is to help students in high school determine if Nichols is a good fit. All of us once were new students here and would like to share why we chose Nichols. We are proud to be Bison!

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Meet the Students


Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut
Major: Marketing (minor in Human Resource Management)
Why I Chose Nichols: The small-town and community environment. I liked the classes at Nichols because I knew I would get the one-on-one experience with my professors.
Favorite Memory of Nichols: My first semester and getting the opportunity to meet my roommate, new friends and having an easy transition.
Campus Involvement: History Club, Marketing Club, Campus Activities Board and working on campus at the Conant Library.


Hometown: Newport News, Virginia
Major: Marketing
Why I Chose Nichols: It’s a small school with a family atmosphere.
Favorite Memory of Nichols: Attending the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) conference.
Campus Involvement: Campus Activities Board, Intramural Soccer, Intramural Basketball, International Club, Marketing Club, Poetry Club, and Orientation Leader (Logistics Coordinator).


Hometown: Smithtown, New York
Major: Hospitality
Why I Chose Nichols: It was the perfect size for me with amazing dorm rooms and small classes. The teachers actually get to know each student and truly care about my success.
Favorite Memory of Nichols: Setting foot on the Nichols College campus and falling in love with everything it had to offer.


Hometown: Glocester, Rhode Island
Major: Marketing & Management
Why I Chose Nichols: I really liked the small class sizes and how the professors would know my name. I don’t do well with big lecture halls so Nichols was the perfect fit for me.
Favorite Memory of Nichols: Going to Colorado and participating in a conference for Student Government. This was a great learning opportunity. I met a lot of new people and was able to get awesome ideas for our campus.
Campus Involvement: Tutor at the Academic Resource Center, Teaching Assistant for First Year PDS, Founder of the Management Club, Orientation Leader Photographer, Student Government Association Secretary, Campus Activities Board, International Club, Student Alumni Society, Dining Dish Committee Member, and Alumni Phonathon Caller.


Hometown: Dudley, Massachusetts
Major: Marketing (minor in Business Communication)
Why I Chose Nichols: After looking at a handful of schools for business, all within about two hours from my home, I looked at Nichols College. I fell in love with the closely-knit community feel the minute I stepped foot on campus. In addition, I soon realized that everyone I came across that day was very friendly, helpful and professional. After much evaluating, I decided that Nichols College would become an outstanding investment for my future.
Favorite Memory of Nichols: Throughout my first year, many of my peers believed that I lived on campus, when I really did not. For me this was an accomplishment in itself because it meant that I had overcome the barrier that all commuters face when starting college: getting involved on campus and making a name for themselves. My message to a prospective student is that whether you are a resident or commuter, getting involved is very simple and fun at Nichols College and can make your Nichols experience that much better.
Campus Involvement: Class of 2016 Secretary, First-Year Professional Development Seminar Teachers Assistant, Nichols Honors Scholar Program, Student Alumni Society, Marketing and Communications Club, and Commuter Council.


Hometown: Dudley, Massachusetts
Major: Hospitality Management (minor in Accounting)
Why I Chose Nichols: I came to Nichols because of the convenience and the atmosphere.
Favorite Memory of Nichols: The weekend when most students went home because of a huge storm, I had to stay for work. We made forts out of the extra mattresses. It was a great time!
Campus Involvement: Student Alumni Society, Dance Team, Commuter Council, and I work in the Dining Hall at Nichols.


Hometown: Northbridge, Massachusetts
Major: Sport Management
Why I Chose Nichols: I loved the small school atmosphere.
Favorite Memory of Nichols: Freshmen year our campus lost power due to a storm and we all had to stay on campus. I had the chance to meet new students and become really great friends with other classmates.
Campus Involvement: Sport Management Club and Vice President of the Flag Football Club.


Hometown: South Windsor, Connecticut
Major: Hospitality Management
Why I Chose Nichols: I felt at home here on campus and couldn’t picture myself enjoying school anywhere else.
Favorite Memory of Nichols: Each fall when we have our alcohol awareness week and the Campus Activities Board hosts a hypnotist. This event supplies a good laugh but also teaches you valuable lessons.
Campus Involvement: Campus Activities Board, Student Government Association, and a Nichols Ambassador.


Hometown: Auburn, Massachusetts
Major: Marketing
Why I Chose Nichols: Mainly because it’s a small school as well as the high percentage of students that are employed after graduation.
Favorite Memory of Nichols: Doing the roller coaster at my freshmen year basketball playoff game and being an orientation leader this past summer for the school.
Campus Involvement: Student Government Association President, Orientation Leader, Ambassador, Marketing Club, Paintball Club, Flag Football Club, Game Day Worker, Student Center Manager, and Campus Activities Board.


Hometown: Auburn, Massachusetts
Major: International Business
Why I Chose Nichols: I loved the small community atmosphere of Nichols and the one-on-one attention that students get from their professors. Also, when I met one of the professors on campus for Accepted Students Day, he remembered my name. When I came back to visit three weeks later it showed how much the professors care about not only their current students but their future students too.
Favorite Memory of Nichols: Going to New Orleans with the Student Alumni Society after winning a district award and then being nominated for a national award. We attended the national conference in New Orleans and presented to a room of over 75 students and advisers. This week of events is known as The Gift of Opportunity (TGOP) around campus. We also went to the Superdome for a Saints game, walked Bourbon Street and went to the infamous ‘Café du Monde’ coffee shop.
Campus Involvement: Campus Activities Board, Finance Committee, Honors Scholar Program, Student Alumni Society, Student Government Association, and Class of 2016 Treasurer.

Shannon H.

Hometown: Tewksbury, Massachusetts
Major: Hospitality Management
Why I Chose Nichols: I liked the private campus. I also loved that there are small classes. I am not just a number here at Nichols. Every teacher knows my name, and I can have a relationship with each one. Nichols is a great community to be a part of and this environment helped make my transition from high school to college easier.
Favorite Memory of Nichols: I traveled to Daytona Beach Florida to compete in Nationals with the Nichols College Cheerleading team. I am truly proud to be a Nichols Bison.
Campus Involvement: Cheerleading and Student Government Association.

Shannon P.

Hometown: Quincy, Massachusetts
Major: Psychology
Why I Chose Nichols: I really liked the small campus and class sizes where everyone knows each other and you have the opportunity to build personal relationships with your professors so you’re not just a seat in their class.
Favorite Memory of Nichols: When I first started here, all of the upperclassmen and teachers were really friendly and welcoming and made the transition to college life really easy.


Hometown: Malden, Massachusetts
Major: International Business
Why I Chose Nichols: I found out about Nichols through my high school football coach who really enjoyed being a student here.
Favorite Memory of Nichols: Attending the National Assembly for Campus Activities (NACA) conference. Each college selects 4-8 representatives to attend this convention, and these representatives search for new search for new performers or events or events to bring back to their campus.
Campus Involvement: Campus Activities Board.