Nichols College News

Going International

The Nichols Study Abroad Program is about to extend its global footprint, to China this fall and possibly to Australia for the spring term. “We’re trying to find opportunities outside of Europe, and we have more and more opportunities available,” says the program’s advisor Blanche Milligan, who also directs the Fischer Institute on the Nichols campus.

Four Nichols juniors and seniors will study abroad in the coming term, with Charles Marcinkewich, ‘13 and Dylan Paton, ’14 headed to Barcelona, Spain; Michelle Cheng, ‘13 to London, England; and Viviana Ruge, ‘13 to Shanghai in China, a first for the Nichols program. Ruge, an International Business major, will divide her time between learning Chinese, studying business, and participating in an internship.

“International Business majors especially are starting to realize that experience in other countries in important on their resume,” Milligan observes.

Some Nichols students also have expressed interest in going to Australia during the spring term. Milligan emphasizes that traveling to other English speaking countries need not lessen the international experience. “Going to another country is a cultural and social adjustment that students experience even if they already speak the language,” she says.

Word of mouth has played a big part in expanding the horizons of students looking to study in other countries, Milligan adds. “We have faculty on our campus who themselves have studied in places like Australia and Italy,” she explains. “They talk about their experiences and get their students excited.”

Milligan expects the same dynamic to continue upon the return to campus this fall of senior Kyle Mascilak, who studied in Budapest, Hungary last spring. “I suspect more students will be going to Hungary in the future,” she says.

The Nichols program is also looking south for study opportunities. “We haven’t had anyone go to Latin America yet,” Milligan says. With that omission in mind, Milligan traveled to Costa Rica (pictured) in May. The trip was sponsored by Academic Programs International (API) and toured four universities around the country.

Milligan has identified one—Universidad Veritas in the city of San Jose—as a good potential match for Nichols undergraduates. That school is developing a program in criminal justice and would work well, Milligan figures, for Criminal Justice Management majors at Nichols, in the form of a 7 to 10-day intensive seminar, complete with field training.

Nichols students could make that trip during winter or spring break.