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Leisure and Hospitality – join one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world

Do you want to pursue a career in an industry that never sleeps? Connect with people in an environment that thrives on social interaction? Gain valuable real-world experience interning at a world-class casino, theme park or event venue? Then the Nichols Hospitality Management program is the right choice for you . . .

By enrolling in the Nichols Hospitality Management program, you will be prepared for a wide range of exciting and rewarding employment opportunities in the hospitality industry including:

How do we prepare you? By giving you access to:

Hands-on projects and team assignments

Students from the Event and Conference Planning class planned and conducted a 5K race, scavenger hunt/race, a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, and a hair-cutting event to benefit the 15-40 Connection.

Instruction from professors with real-world experience

The Hospitality Management program chair and faculty bring extensive experience to their classes including . . .

Key Internships at Leading Companies and Organizations

An internship is required for this major. As a result, graduates of the program combine the best of classroom experiences with the benefit of an internship to accelerate their careers in the Hospitality industry. Recent internships include:

Matt Fagan, Intern, Mohegan Sun (Casino)

I would recommend this program to anyone. Having an internship at one of America’s top casinos, Mohegan Sun has been amazing. With dedication and hard work, students who enter the Hospitality Management program can get into other great internships as well. Our professors are highly motivated, informative and experienced. To get that kind of knowledge from someone already working in the field is priceless.


Hospitality Management majors must complete 121 credit hours (approximately 40 courses), including courses from the foundation and business core curricula, focused electives and these required specialization courses:

HSP 211
Introduction to Hospitality Management
3 Hours, 1 Semester

This course provides an overview of the hospitality industry and its components including hotels, restaurants, casinos, theme parks, cruise lines, and travel distributors. It provides an introduction to various business disciplines including management, marketing, accounting, finance and strategy. Students gain an historical perspective and also discuss current events.
Course will not be offered until spring 2011 at the earliest.

HSP 351
Resort and Conference Management
3 Hours, 1 Semester

Events from weddings to business conferences breathe life into the hospitality industry. Hosting and managing events in the hospitality is big business. Students will explore the key business concepts behind event management in the hospitality industry including planning, coordination, execution and measurement of event success. Students will be assigned to work with a hospitality company to provide assistance with an actual event or event management related challenge. 

HSP 361
Hospitality Facility Operations
3 Hours, 1 Semester

This course to be developed.

HSP 371
Performance Management in the Hospitality Industry
3 Hours, 1 Semester

Products and services in the hospitality industry are remarkably similar. There are differences in quality and packaging but at the most basic level, a room is a room and a meal is a meal. It is People and Processes that create a competitive advantage in hospitality companies, to a much greater extent than in other industries.

In this course, you will learn how to lead your team to achieve above average performance.  From the perspective of operations management, we will examine best practices in selection, training, performance management, recognition and compensation of hourly and salaried team members.  From the same perspective of an operations manager, we will examine basic approaches to process improvement which will promote the maximum performance of your team. 

HSP 480
Issues in Hospitality Management
3 Hours, 1 Semester

This capstone course would integrate knowledge and skills into the critical thinking process required for corporate decision-making. Case studies and research of an existing corporation within the Hospitality industry will be the basis for the study.
Prerequisite: HSP 351, HSP 361, HSP 371

HSP 490
Internship in Hospitality Management
3 Hours, 1 Semester

The Internship in Hospitality Management will afford students an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom to practical situations at the internship site. Students will gain an appreciation for the dynamic nature of the workplace. Library research and reading assignments will underscore the need for life-long professional development and learning in order to meet new challenges in this rapidly changing field of management.
Prerequisites: HSP 351, HSP 361 and HSP 371


Internships are required and provide the valuable in-the-field opportunities necessary to accelerate your career in this specialized industry.

College Catalog

Review or download the college catalog for additional details and information about courses and requirements.

Key Faculty
Bryant Richards
  • Bryant Richards
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Program Chair

Maryann Conrad, Visiting Assistant Professor, Program Co-Chair

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