Professors Prajjwal Panday and Mike Neagle Present Asima Silva on “Islamaphobia”

A Fischer Focus Event

Public Welcome: Free Event/No Charge

Asima Silva is the co-founder and director of outreach for, a non-profit organization dedicated to building understanding between communities. Ms. Silva’s talk will aim at dispelling misconceptions and misunderstandings about Islam that have provoked social tensions and backlash against Muslims. Through education and conversation, she provides the perspective of an American Muslim and brings to light the realities of Islamophobia.

A graduate of WPI with a Masters in Computer Science and a member of the Wachusett Regional School District Committee in Holden, Silva has hosted “Perspectives,” a radio show on WCRN (AM830).

For more information, please contact Professors Prajjwal Panday or Mike Neagle.