Winning at The Orange Bowl

In just five years, Jessica Porter went from interning at the World Team Tennis National Headquarters in New York City to working as an account executive for the Orange Bowl Committee. How did she make it so far so quickly? “Hard work,” says Porter.

Porter developed and demonstrated her work ethic while at Nichols. She played tennis and lacrosse and was selected by the NCAA to represent Nichols at NCAA’s National Student-Athlete Development Conference in Orlando, Florida. She was named to the First Team All-Conference team during her four years at Nichols. From an academic perspective, Porter found her sport management classes the most helpful. "Because of their real-life experience in the world of sports, my professors were able to take the information in the text book and apply it to their real life experiences. They taught us in a way we could understand rather than just having us read out of a book," she says.

Porter credits the Professional Development Seminar (PDS) with teaching her how to handle interview questions and build her resume. Through more than 100 presentations she had to give throughout her time at Nichols, she developed confidence in speaking in front of large groups. That’s turned out to be a highly valued skill in her work as a sales representative.

“Recognizing that everyone wants to work in sports, but it takes more than just being a fan to succeed,” she says. “This field is constantly changing and evolving. However, if you are willing to work hard, the perks of the job make it all worth it.”

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