Selling the Boston Celtics

For Anna Dyakiv ’14, the best part of her internship with the Boston Celtics happens right before the game. Before the players come onto the court, she leads a group of children to create a tunnel and high-five the players as they enter. “We get to lead the children onto the court and allow them to view the performances before the game,” she says. “All of them are thrilled to be there.”

In addition to game day preparations, Dyakiv handles any concerns or questions that season ticket holders may have. She also assists with different promotional campaigns to boost ticket sales. “In a sense, we try to sell an entertainment experience, not just the game,” she explains.

Competition for an internship with the Celtics is fierce, but Nichols Sport Management Program Chair Tim Liptrap paved the way for her application to stand out from the others. “The most important thing for me was having that initial connection,” says Dyakiv.

A native of Ukraine, Dyakiv moved to the United States in 2007. She double-majored in sport management and international business, and has held multiple internships, including interning at the European Cup two summers ago.

Dyakiv feels that her Nichols education prepared her well for all of her internships. “Four years of class presentations along with practice interviews through the professional development seminar have given me the confidence to present and speak to professionals and top managers at the Celtics,” she says. “Nichols teaches you professionalism and how to handle yourself in the work environment.”

Compared to other internships, Dyakiv says interning at the Celtics stands out. “I love their professionalism and the close knit community. In some ways, it reminds me of Nichols,” she says. “The experience has taught me to never underestimate myself and the skills that I do have. I now have a better idea of the direction I want my career to take in the future.”

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