Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is one of the fastest growing industries in the global market. These jobs call for leaders who thrive on social interaction and collaborative problem solving.

The Nichols Hospitality Management program prepares you for a wide range of employment opportunities, including:

  • Hotel, restaurant, and casino management
  • Resort and conference management
  • Meeting, convention and event planning
  • Travel distributors
  • Tourism promotion
  • Cruise lines
  • Leisure and recreation management
  • Sales and customer relations

In addition to our hospitality management professor, who has experience in director-level casino management, we also have frequent guest speakers from major hospitality companies. In addition to professors with industry backgrounds, hands-on learning is a central focus of the Hospitality program.  You will have an opportunity to interact with industry professionals and be immersed in a variety of valuable and career building field learning opportunities.

Students majoring in hospitality management can embark on internships, gaining key experience and a competitive edge for when they hit the job market. Recent internships include:  

  • Walt Disney World
  • Mohegan Sun
  • TD Garden
  • Marriott
  • Del Frisco's
  • The Publick House
  • DCU Center
  • Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • The Institute for Women’s Leadership at Nichols College
  • Lombardo's

Find out more about this growing industry. Whatever career you choose, Nichols will prepare you to lead.

Courses & Requirements

Hospitality Management majors must complete 121 credit hours (approximately 40 courses), including courses from the foundation and business core curricula, focused electives and these required specialization courses:

Required Courses

HSP 211 Intro to Hospitality Industry

This course provides an overview of the hospitality industry and its components including hotels, restaurants, casinos, theme parks, cruise lines, and travel distributors. It provides an introduction to various business disciplines including management, marketing, accounting, finance and strategy. Students gain an historical perspective and also discuss current events while exploring the only thing that customers of this industry actually purchase, The Guest Experience.

HRM 213 Human Resource Management

This course introduces students to the fundamental practices involved in effective human resource management, such as recruiting, performance evaluation, compensation, employment law, and employee rights. HR theory and practice is emphasized within the context of improving organizational productivity and developing employee potential.

HSP 351 Resort and Conference Mgmt

Events from weddings to business conferences breathe life into the hospitality industry. Hosting and managing events in the hospitality is big business.  Students will explore the key business concepts behind event management in the hospitality industry including planning, coordination, execution and measurement of event success.  Students will be assigned to work with a hospitality company to provide assistance with an actual event or event management related challenge.

HSP 480 Issues in Hospitality Mgmt

This capstone course would integrate knowledge and skills into the critical thinking process required for corporate decision-making. Case studies and research of an existing corporation within the hospitality industry will be the basis for the study.

Prerequisites: HSP-351, HSP-361 and HSP-371. HSP-211 Required

HSP 490 Internship: Hospitality Mgmt

The Internship in Hospitality Management will afford students an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom to practical situations at the internship site. Students will gain an appreciation for the dynamic nature of the workplace. Library research and reading assignments will underscore the need for life-long professional development and learning in order to meet new challenges in this rapidly changing field of hospitality management.

Prerequisites: HSP-351, HSP-361 and HSP-371. HSP-211 Required


HSP 361 Hospitality Facility Operation

This course to be developed.

HSP 371 Mgmt in Hospitality Industry

Products and services in the hospitality industry are remarkably similar.  There are differences in quality and packaging but at the most basic level, a room is a room and a meal is a meal.  It is People and Processes that create a competitive advantage in hospitality companies, to a much greater extent than in other industries. In this course, you will learn how to lead your team to achieve above average performance.  From the perspective of operations management, we will examine best practices in selection, training, performance management, recognition and compensation of hourly and salaried team members. From the same perspective of an operations manager, we will examine basic approaches to process improvement which will promote the maximum performance of your team.

BCOM 310 Intercultural Communication

In this course, students will gain awareness of cultural differences as they affect the conduct of business, and will develop methods to bridge those differences. Globalization, the effect of social conventions on the business environment, and the impact of cultural norms on information gathering and decision making will be studied. Differences in legal, regulatory, and organizational structures will be considered. Each student will participate in a group research project examining the challenges of conducting business and communicating on an intercultural basis.

BCOM 311 Visual Communication

This course will explore the psychological and cultural aspects of visual communication, and will introduce students to visual techniques for analyzing, displaying and explaining numerical and statistical data. The cultural and commercial impact of advertising, film, and electronically manipulated data will be studied. Working with photographs, tables, graphs, and templates, students will learn to select appropriate visual formats for presentation of various types of data. Ethical issues related to choice, use and distortion of visual information will be considered. Software programs for computer-assisted design will be reviewed and applied.

Prerequisites: MIS-109, and ITM-123.

IBUS 388 International Management

Examines management theory and practice as applied to business activities that cross national boundaries. Emphasis is placed on an understanding of strategic, cultural, behavioral, functional, legal, and socio-ethnical aspects of international management in a global economy with multinational business enterprises.

Prerequisite: MGMT-226.

MKTG 361 Consumer Marketing

Examination of the consumer marketing process. This includes analysis and planning of consumer product marketing programs tied in with investigation of consumer decision making and buying patterns. Includes written case analyses.

Prerequisites: MKTG-202, ECON-221 and ECON-222.

SMGT 367 Sport Marketing

This course provides the student with basic knowledge and understanding of sport marketing and promotions for intercollegiate, recreational, and professional sport. Marketing?s relationship to products and sponsorships, licensing, public relations, media, and special events will be emphasized. Students will get hands-on experience with database management and survey research.

Prerequisites: MKTG-202, and SMGT-251.

SMGT 470 Special Topics in Sport Mgmt

This course is offered on an occasional basis and addresses topics and themes of special interest not covered in the standard course offerings in sport management.

HSP 341 Casino Management

Casino/gaming operations are structured and managed differently from other hospitality operations.  This course discusses the economics of gaming, rules and regulations that affect day-to-day operations, government restrictions, operations of key departments, and marketing strategies. Students will interact with casino executives and perform simulated assignments from the industry.

Prerequisite: HSP-211.

HSP 370 Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism is one of the largest industries in the world and a strong growth segment within the hospitality management field. This course will cover travel and tourism themes such as airline and cruise transportation, the psychology of travel, travel technology, safety and security, and the economic, social, and environmental impacts of tourism.

Prerequisite: HSP-211.

HSP 470 Special Topics in Hospitality Management

This course is offered on an occasional basis and addresses topics and themes of special interest not covered in the standard course offerings in Hospitality Management.


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