Study Abroad Opportunities

Experience the global economy firsthand.

Networking and partnerships are a critical part of doing business in a global economy. Nichols College has built international alliances that prepare our students to compete. A semester abroad is a competitive career advantage, one that allows you to assume a significant role in an increasingly international workforce.

European University

Nichols and EU share core values. We both believe in delivering creative, cutting-edge business education to the next generation of business leaders. EU classes are small and personal, averaging between 20-25 students. Our faculty offers strong academic credentials and real world experience, providing a truly global education.

Study at several European University (EU) locations, including:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Montreux, Switzerland
  • Munich, Germany

Regent’s College

Since 1983, Nichols College has been affiliated with Regent’s College, a respected academic institution located in the heart of London, England. The College occupies 11 acres within the 487-acre Regent’s Park in central London and offers all the collegiate amenities.

Regent’s is the British-American center of international education, drawing on the academic traditions and resources of both countries. Its university-level programs are taught by British and American teachers and are accredited in the United States.

Nichols students may earn up to 15 credit hours of study in London. All academic coursework transfers directly to Nichols.

Semester at Sea

Nichols College Semester at Sea program, in collaboration with the University of Virginia, adds global perspective and adventure to your undergraduate experience.

During this unique learning experience, you’ll visit nine countries and four continents in a state-of-the-art floating campus called the MV Explorer. The 67-day trip sets sail from Halifax, Nova Scotia, with over 500 undergraduates and 67 Semester at Sea faculty and staff. Shipboard curriculum provides insights into cultural differences and encourages global understanding.

Applying to study abroad

Study abroad programs are competitive. They require a 3.0 grade point average, prior approval by the Registrar, a written essay and multiple meetings with the Nichols study abroad coordinator. Acceptance is not guaranteed.

To learn more, contact:

Susan Wayman, Director of the Robert C. Fischer Policy & Cultural Institute