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Key Contacts 


Name Email Dept, Title Phone
Buss, Marney Marney [dot] Buss [at] nichols [dot] edu Residence Life Director of Residence Life 508-213-2101
Butler, Maureen Maureen [dot] Butler [at] nichols [dot] edu Academic Affairs Assistant to the Provost 508-213-2201
Calnan, Kerry kerry [dot] calnan [at] nichols [dot] edu Graduate & Professional Studies Executive Director, Graduate & Professional Studies 508-213-2207
Carbary, Dawn Dawn [dot] carbary [at] nichols [dot] edu Public Safety Public Safety Officer 508-213-2298
Carroll, James James [dot] Carroll [at] nichols [dot] edu Information Technology Senior Help Desk Assistant 508-213-2003
Casey-Williams, Erin erin [dot] casey-williams [at] nichols [dot] edu Faculty Visiting Assistant Professor of English 508-213-2258
Caulfied, Jack Jack [dot] Caulfield [at] nichols [dot] edu Public Safety Director 508-213-2398
Cavic, Nora Nora [dot] Cavic [at] nichols [dot] edu Academic Advising Services Assistant Director 508-213-2029
Champagne, Cathy Cathy [dot] Champagne [at] nichols [dot] edu Facilities Management Conference & Event Manager 508-213-2103
Champagne, Deborah deborah [dot] champagne [at] nichols [dot] edu Student Financial Services Associate Director of Student Accounts 508-213-2320
Charbonneau, Kim Kimberly [dot] Charbonneau [at] nichols [dot] edu Faculty Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Management / Criminal Justice Management Program Chair 508-213-2174
Chase, Brenda brenda [dot] chase [at] nichols [dot] edu Financial Operations Human Resource & Payroll Specialist 508-213-2137
Chatterton, Martin martin [dot] chatterton [at] nichols [dot] edu Graduate & Professional Studies Director, Worldwide Business Development
Clark, Danielle danielle [dot] clark [at] nichols [dot] edu Graduate & Professional Studies Senior Human Resource Manager
Collins, Wade wade [dot] collins [at] nichols [dot] edu Graduate & Professional Studies Corporate Controller
Colvin, Chris chris [dot] colvin [at] nichols [dot] edu Athletic Office/Field House Director of Athletics 508-213-2036
Conklin, Lyndsie lyndsie [dot] conklin [at] nichols [dot] edu Residence Life Area Coordinator 508-213-2280
Conrad, Maryann Maryann [dot] Conrad [at] nichols [dot] edu Faculty Assistant Professor of Management / Hospitality Management Program Chair 508-213-2011
Cornacchioli, Domenic domenic [dot] cornacchioli [at] nichol [dot] sedu Faculty Adjunct Professor
Couillard, Joseph joseph [dot] couillard [at] nichols [dot] edu Graduate & Professional Studies Visting Assistant Professor 508-213-2030
Creegan, Marc marc [dot] creegan [at] nichols [dot] edu Graduate & Professional Studies Manufacturing Supervisor
Curran, Karin karin [dot] curran [at] nichols [dot] edu Faculty Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance 508-213-2236
Cushing, Katie Katie [dot] Cushing [at] nichols [dot] edu Financial Operations Associate Director of Human Resources 508-213-2111
Davis, Thomas Thomas [dot] Davis [at] nichols [dot] edu Faculty Professor of Psychology / Psychology Program Chair 508-213-2126
Day, Sarah sarah [dot] day [at] nichols [dot] edu Academic Affairs Commercial Loan Officer & Portfolio Manager