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Key Contacts 


Name Email Dept, Title Phone
Westerling , Luanne Luanne [dot] Westerling [at] nichols [dot] edu Academic Affairs Associate Dean for Business / Associate Professor of Business Communication / Emerging Leaders Program Chair 508-213-2260
Whalen, Sarah sarah [dot] whalen [at] nichols [dot] edu Residence Life Area Coordinator 508-213-2380
Wheeler, Richard richard [dot] wheeler [at] nichols [dot] edu Graduate & Professional Studies CEO and President
White, Amanda amanda [dot] white2 [at] nichols [dot] edu Graduate & Professional Studies Student Success Coach and Faculty Associate 508-213-2150
White, Linda linda [dot] white [at] nichols [dot] edu Graduate & Professional Studies Administrative Assistant to Executive Director 508-213-2212
Whitestone, Sarah Sarah [dot] Whitestone [at] nichols [dot] edu Athletic Office/Field House Assistant Women's Soccer Coach
Williams, Cindy Cindy [dot] Williams [at] nichols [dot] edu Registrar's Office Assistant 508-213-2291
Wojnar, Christine Christine [dot] Wojnar [at] nichols [dot] edu Academic Affairs Assistant to Faculty 508-213-2236
Wojnar, Steve Steven [dot] Wojnar [at] nichols [dot] edu Faculty Adjunct Professor 508-213-2236
Wolney, Christina Bookstore Assistant Manager 508-213-2408