Campus Directory

Key Contacts 


Name Email Dept, Title Phone
Berry, David David [dot] Berry [at] nichols [dot] edu Student Financial Services Assistant Director, Student Accounts 508-213-2321
Berry, Sharon Sharon [dot] Berry [at] nichols [dot] edu Financial Operations Assistant Controller 508-213-2100
Bett, Kate kathryn [dot] bett [at] nichols [dot] edu Graduate & Professional Studies Owner/Partner Bett Solutions LLC
Bianco, Jen Jennifer [dot] Bianco [at] nichols [dot] edu Student Financial Services Director of Financial Assistance 508-213-2340
Biercuk, Harley Harley [dot] Biercuk [at] nichols [dot] edu Dining Services (Sodexo) Unit Controller 508-213-2347
Billings, Daniel daniel [dot] billings [at] nichols [dot] edu Graduate & Professional Studies Consultant
Bird, Richard Richard [dot] Bird [at] nichols [dot] edu Facilities Management Grounds Supervisor 508-213-2464
Blake, Tahkeya tahkeya [dot] blake [at] nichols [dot] edu Admissions Office Call Center Manager 508-213-2020
Boertjens, Adrienne Adrienne [dot] boertjens [at] nichols [dot] edu Residence Life Area Coordinator 508-213-2009
Boffi, William William [dot] Boffi [at] nichols [dot] edu Admissions Office Vice President for Enrollment 508-213-2428
Boggio, Pamela (PJ) Pamela [dot] Boggio [at] nichols [dot] edu Student Services Center Dean of Students 508-213-2480
Borowski, Donna donna [dot] borowski [at] nichols [dot] edu Registrar's Office Assistant to Registrar 508-213-2290
Brady, Craig Craig [dot] Brady [at] nichols [dot] edu Information Technology Associate Systems Administrator 508-213-2069
Brassard, Kevin Kevin [dot] Brassard [at] nichols [dot] edu Information Technology Adjunct Professor / Chief Information Officer 508-213-2213
Brennan, Karen karen [dot] brennan [at] nichols [dot] edu Student Financial Services Assistant Director, Financial Assistance 508-213-2278
Brower, Paul Paul [dot] Brower [at] nichols [dot] edu Admissions Office Assistant Dean for Enrollment & Head Tennis Coach 508-213-2371
Brown, Boyd Boyd [dot] BrownIII [at] nichols [dot] edu Faculty Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Management 508-213-2247
Brown, Cynthia Cindy [dot] Brown [at] nichols [dot] edu Marketing and Communications Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications 508-213-2065
Brown, Ronald ronald [dot] brown [at] nichols [dot] edu Graduate & Professional Studies Manufacturing Manager
Burgess, Parker parker [dot] burgess [at] nichols [dot] edu Athletic Office/Field House Head Men's Ice Hockey Coach 508-213-2305
Buss, Marney Marney [dot] Buss [at] nichols [dot] edu Residence Life Director of Residence Life 508-213-2101
Butler, Maureen Maureen [dot] Butler [at] nichols [dot] edu Academic Affairs Assistant to the Provost 508-213-2201
Calnan, Kerry kerry [dot] calnan [at] nichols [dot] edu Graduate & Professional Studies Executive Director, Graduate & Professional Studies 508-213-2207
Carbary, Dawn Dawn [dot] carbary [at] nichols [dot] edu Public Safety Public Safety Officer 508-213-2298
Carroll, James James [dot] Carroll [at] nichols [dot] edu Information Technology Senior Help Desk Assistant 508-213-2003