Boost your career with an MBA.

Having an MBA opens doors in the business world. In Nichols MBA program, you can grow as a professional and build your career without sacrificing your life. Our program is designed to help you balance your education with all of your other commitments.

As part of the GPS undergraduate degree I earned, a whole new world opened up for me. The Nichols community has brought new people into my life; the professors, student and the support staff. It was comforting to be in class setting courses and see the familiar faces of other GPS students from prior classes.
Paula Downer, ABA 2011

The Nichols College MBA is career-focused, with curriculum focusing on real-world issues that are immediately and directly applicable to your professional life. Choose the learning schedule that works for you-traditional classes, 100% online or in an Accelerated Program that launches you quickly.



Full-time accelerated MBA students must complete 36 credit hours (12 courses), including the following 8 required courses and 4 electives from their chosen area of concentration:

GSB 600
Organizational Behavior
3 Hours, 1 Semester

The behavioral sciences can be used to examine complex organizations and provides an effective foundation for leadership, problem solving and management. This course is designed to introduce students to both theoretical as well as practical use of the behavioral sciences in organizational settings. Topics covered include; organizational socialization, learning and problem solving, motivation, power and influence, leadership, organizational culture, group dynamics, and organizational learning and change. Significant time is spent in case discussion, role plays and other experiential exercises designed to make the topics meaningful and relevant to the effective practices of management.

Prerequisite: GSB 502 or equivalent.ques, and the impact of technology will also be discussed.

GSB 602
The Leadership Experience
3 Hours, 1 Semester

Every organization, be it the international conglomerate or the nuclear family, requires leadership. This highly interactive course is designed to draw upon the life experiences of its participants in order to enhance their understanding and implementation of what is required to mobilize resources and move an organization forward. Utilizing the classroom as a laboratory, we will explore leadership from a variety of perspectives: theoretical to practical, personal to global, frustrating to inspirational.

GSB 706
Management Accounting & Control
3 Hours, 1 Semester

A study of management accounting concepts and procedures used in decision-making and performance evaluation. Stress is placed on the design of internal accounting systems as they relate to budgets, cost determination, and decision theory. The importance of understanding and properly using cost in management decisions is emphasized. Prerequisite: GSB 503, 504, & 506 or equivalent.

GSB 705
Financial Decision Making
3 Hours, 1 Semester

Analysis of internal financial problems of business firms; current asset management; short and intermediate-term financing including bank relations and lending policies; decision-making under uncertainty regarding needs and sources of funds. Cost of capital and valuation of the firm; evaluation of capital projects under uncertainty; financial lease evaluation; long-term financing; planning dividend and earnings and retention policy; management of mergers and acquisition programs. Prerequisite: GSB 503, 504, & 506 or equivalent.

GSB 725
Marketing Strategies
3 Hours, 1 Semester

Focuses on the strategic decisions necessary to match organizational resources and objectives with market opportunities. Emphasis on the managerial approach to product development and diversification, pricing, communication through advertising and selling, and distribution decisions. Planning, research, and organizational aspects of marketing decision-making are stressed throughout. Examines consumer and industrial products and services, profit, non-profit, public and private organizations, and the social and legal implications of marketing policies. Prerequisites: GSB 505 or equivalent.

GSB 732
Operations Management
3 Hours, 1 Semester

Analysis of production problems and solution techniques. Work¬flow processes, the technology of materials and equipment, and control of the availability, quality, cost and price of products and resources. Prerequisite: GSB 502 or equivalent.

GSB 714*
Business, Government & the Global Economy
3 Hours, 1 Semester

Examines the relationship between business, industry and government policy-making. Reviews how business/government relationships are developed and sustained, and the impact of pressure groups on administrative decision-making. The origins, development and current policies of key regulatory agencies are examined in comparative perspective through analysis and case studies of business/government relationships in the U.S., the European Union, Latin America and the emerging Asian economies. The effects of regulation upon economic competition are assessed. Prerequisite: GSB 507 or equivalent.

GSB 800
Strategic Management
3 Hours, 1 Semester

This course is intended to integrate the theoretical and practical knowledge which has been acquired in previous functional courses. Integration is accomplished by the analysis of cases reflecting complex management problems involving formulation and implementation of strategy which cross several functional areas.

Capstone course for MBA to be taken in final semester.

* Sport Management students will take an alternate course in place of GSB 714. GSB 501 – Effective Business Communication – may also be required based on an assessment of writing skills.


  • Finance
  • International Management
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • General Business

To Apply:

To be considered for Nichols MBA program, please submit the following materials:

  • A complete graduate application
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Your current Resume
  • Official college transcripts covering all prior undergraduate academic work
  • An 800-word personal statement answering the following questions: (1) What do you hope to gain from a Nichols MBA? (2) How do you see yourself contributing to the program? (3) In what area do you plan to concentrate and why?

Questions about applying to the MBA program? Contact the Graduate and Professional Studies Department at or 800.243.3844.